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  1. Just back from the latest jaunt in the van.. This time we took in the far west coast of Scotland, Arisaig, Ardnamurchan and back .. :)

    Weather was mostly fine, blazing sun when we left last Sunday and had a great drive to Glencoe where we stopped t the ski lodge for an overnighter before heading up the rest of the road via Fort William and over the Arisaig.. Some place .. If you like beaches and blue sea this is for you for sure ..
    Spent 3 nights at Silversands camp site, good beach front pitch with cracking views of Skye, Mull, Eig and Rum.. Pitch was fine bogs were basic but useable .. plenty space in the coin operated shower :) Plenty time for your £1..

    Saw a couple of red dear in the actual site .. impressive.. One other T2 in attendance :)

    Went down to Glenfinnan to see the steam train.. Got lucky and as we arrived t the platform at the restored station the train appeared around the corner . Impressive old things these ..

    Next we were off to Ardnamurchan but via a daft stop at a site further up the road from Silversands .. Cant recall the name of it off hand but it was well laid out and had showers and toilet facilities equal to a posh hotel.. I kid you not .. very very well appointed facilities . Unfortunately our pitch was right next to them and it was a bit busy with shower and toilet comings and goings..

    Reached Ardnamurchan and Ardnamurchan camp site. got a good pitch with power.. basic facilities but a real nice bloke run the place .. Unfortunately the weather turned and it rained pretty heavy.. Upside is it kept the low level of midge activity to an even lower level.. Headed out to Ardnamurchan light house.. had tea and cakes in the cafe before the return journey via singke track roads to the campsite ..

    Left there of Sunday morning with not much of a plan for the return journey, The weather seemed to be on the East so my simple reconing calculated a trip East kinda North East to the Moray area .. anywhere really,but Mrs needs a bullet proof plan with road numbers and destinations ... I Planned it loosely that we would head toward Aviemore doing t all on lower A roads and B roads .. and perhaps stop at the Highland wildlife park ... heading east to the Moray coast .. Loose plan... So we departed ardnamurchan in the rain and on route headed up Glen Roy to the ice age landscape and a spot of isolated wild camping after a long wolk deeper into the glen and back..

    That plan worked out and ticked off two must do's .. We ventured off early doors and reached the Highland wildlife park by 0930 It didn't open till 10 and wifey piped up that we could be in aviemore by that time ! She obviously wasnt keen and was being polite so we headed off toward Aviemore .. Bought a shirt from Mountain Warehouse .. darned smashing shirt it was to .. well had to spend my entrance fee to the safari park on something :) Lots to do n Aviemore but wifey cant ride a bike so it was a walk around the shops for provisions before heading off...

    Now I enjoy random stuff but wifey likes it planned and even though the loose plan was to get to the Moray coast, anywhere on the Moray coast she needed more direction so I said there ... pointing to a previous place we visited called Findochty... That wasnt acceptable as we got the silent treatment so after a few miles and a lt of thinking I decided to forfeit the night in Moray and head home.. in silence .. We did stop in by Stonehaven for a cup of tea.. but with her fizzer looking much like a bulldog chewing a wasp, the fun was definitely extracted from the trip.. I had to tell her though that I was done with the long trips if they were always gonna end in a huff... Ive concluded that 4 days is long enough to be cooped up with yer wife ... sorry girls . :)

    pics to follow..
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  2. Glencoe to Fort William

  3. As always Scotland looks stunning..cannot wait to get up there for the NC500 :D
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  5. My engine expired at the lighthouse.....long journey back to South Yorkshire!
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    Great photos @redoxide.

    I reckon there isn’t a person on here who hasn’t had chilly silences whilst travelling in the camper with their partner! I always find it more interesting when you’re in a foreign country and can’t just strop off somewhere for a bit!
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  7. Very scenic....:cool:
  8. Great trip and pics. Do it alone next time, i've twice had a week up that way on my todd and it was fantastic. Stop, go, visit, eat when and where you want to. Totally selfiish and no need for those what do you want to do converstations.
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  9. ahh so everybody has those ..... freedom .. tethered by the inevitable itinerary of things that must be done as and when the timetable dictates... kinda like a saga bus tour ... lol.. Yep going it alone has its benefits ..

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