Wild west tour

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by redoxide, Jul 16, 2018.

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  2. Glencoe to Fort William

  3. As always Scotland looks stunning..cannot wait to get up there for the NC500 :D
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  5. My engine expired at the lighthouse.....long journey back to South Yorkshire!
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    Great photos @redoxide.

    I reckon there isn’t a person on here who hasn’t had chilly silences whilst travelling in the camper with their partner! I always find it more interesting when you’re in a foreign country and can’t just strop off somewhere for a bit!
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  7. Very scenic....:cool:
  8. Great trip and pics. Do it alone next time, i've twice had a week up that way on my todd and it was fantastic. Stop, go, visit, eat when and where you want to. Totally selfiish and no need for those what do you want to do converstations.
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  9. ahh so everybody has those ..... freedom .. tethered by the inevitable itinerary of things that must be done as and when the timetable dictates... kinda like a saga bus tour ... lol.. Yep going it alone has its benefits ..

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