Why is it when you're trying to sell a camper...

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  1. Why is it when you're trying to sell a camper you always get people who will offer 1/2 or less than you're asking then get really arsy when you say no and tell them a counter offer?
    Had quite a few like that so far. One said i shouldn't sell on ebay if i didn't want to accept 1/2 the price i was asking. :lol:
    I blame Mike Brewer and Wheeler Dealers.

    It was on at £8k and i got offered £3k from a bloke a few hundred miles away as it was gonna cost him a few hundred quid to come and view it. Then a week later he offered £3k and a mk4 golf worth £500. A week later £3.5k and no golf. Last week he offered £3.5k and the same golf. Yesterday he's offered £4k aslong as its absolutely 100%. Blocked him now as he won't take no for an answer. :rolleyes:
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    Chancers. Loads of them about!
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    Because that’s what it worth to them, how long has your van been for sale?
  4. I'm afraid that's what selling any car is like. Everyone wants a bargain and some people just like to haggle for it and view it as a sport - so just enjoy the haggling .
    By the way - if you are selling you won't be doing the Tatton Park tickets again - so who is doing it this year? I could volunteer if I get to go on Saturday afternoon and camp overnight - is that what you did?
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  5. I would put this down to the fact that most people are utter idiots and are becoming more so year on year.
  6. Have you sold that Beetle yet? I’ll give you £38 :thumbsup:
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  7. Have you tried Car and Classic? My experience that you don’t get so many mickey takers. Plus, it’s free of course :thumbsup:
  8. The only way to sell something for what you want for it is advertise it at price in the right place def not on an auction site where tight arses go to find bargains. Put it In a mag or paper with no offers or maybe ovno at what you think is realistic .The market has sunk and flooded at the mo . People are banding around that £5 k is about the right price so people are reading this and thinking they can get a bargain , but it’s what they are getting fa that they are not made aware of . There has been quite a few threads / posts on here that probably havnt helped the market too. We all wanted big agreed valuations etc but its what the market pays when it comes to it if your selling . Your bus imo is a good buy at the price you have advertised it . You just need someone who realises that and bang bobs your uncle . Glws
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  9. Case in point.
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  10. £4
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  11. About 9 months or so.

    I'll still be working on the gate and hopefully taking my bug (i'm 99% sure it'll be done by then ;)) and probably a tent so will be organising tickets again. I'll get the full 10 again.

    Its on C and Cs website. Not any interest. Same on Gumtree. :(
    Only interest is on Facebook but doesn't help when the Americans on there keep posting up about finding rust free westys for under a grand, making everyone in the UK think thats the going rate. :rolleyes:
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  12. Yep they are the ones that are making it difficult to sell not just cars but anything . I really do think yours is a good buy . Have you not got a local paper or a place where you can park it to attract attention ? Plus real cash is hard to find these days as people just was stuff on easy terms :rolleyes:
  13. I hope so, I've already booked sites before and after the show !
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    Love to know how in your opinion a thread or post will devalue an whole market and lifestyle?

    Utter rubbish as per!
  15. @Zebedee last year i thought you said it needed lots of work doing to it maybe i'm wrong and forgive me if i am.
    If it doe's then maybe its not a bad offer considering the amount of money you will have to throw at it and what you will get back.
    Been there-done it- never again.
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  16. It cost me £4.5k to get my "£9k" bus through an MOT last year...so if somebody had offered 4k for that bus without legal sills I might have taken it..

    And then i bought it a £2.5k engine... so maybe it was worth £1.5k really ..
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  17. Give it a good clean & polish and bring it to Tatton.....people buy on impulse at shows, but it's got to look at least as good as you can make it.
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  18. We all have our opinions , yours arnt always right either !
  19. That's good - put me down for one again
  20. And me !

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