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Who do you hate the most

  1. Chelsea

  2. Manchester United

  3. I don’t give 2 monkeys

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  1. Two of the most hated teams in the land go head to head on Saturday in the FA cup final, but who is the most hated on TLB
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  2. Chelsea two bob club with no history
    2004 unfortunately lots of my mates follow this outfit 735668DE-7BEB-4999-B4E6-82321FFB16AB.png
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  3. Arse n all
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  4. What about a I don’t give 2 monkeys option
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  5. bernjb56

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  6. You beat me to it, thank you
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  7. Are we talking sea monkeys ear ay or what ?
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  8. bernjb56

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    It’s boring being on shotgun duty. Got to keep busy somehow.
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