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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Having just found out mine is knackered - yes it only occurred to me to check as I was about to put the tank in :rolleyes: - I need to buy a new one.
    Usual suspects all have them at around £30, although Coolair want £45 for theirs.
    Has anyone bought one recently? It's the later type I'm after for a '75. Are they all chinesium or has someone found one that works OK?
  2. Are they not all made by VDO?
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  3. Bought mine from just kampers.

    I would test the float for a while though, mine ended up filling with fuel and I had to replace it with the original float.

    Might of just been bad luck.

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  4. How about an ultrasonic one like this...


    These are actually quite good as they can be calibrated for any fuel tank up to 40 inches deep.

    But you need a NMEA2000 (CAN bus ) display.
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  5. Good idea. Won't throw away the old one.
  6. Love the idea but really want to keep my original gauge.
  7. Really? I'd be happy if that's the case.
  8. The suppliers should quote the VDO part number. Or maybe not.
  9. Think I'm going to call Coolair tomorrow and ask them why theirs is better - it does look different to the others.
  10. What you get is a variable resistance, which is controlled by the float. At the full and empty points the original and replica senders have pretty much comparable resistance readings. It’s in between that it counts. The last one I fitted wasn’t wound like the original. I suspect they make the windings in China to fit dozens of different cars and trucks.
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  11. Ballcocks.
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  12. Unless they have changed recently they are all pants the wire in them is too thin and rubs through very quickly
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    I’ve only seen rubbish new ones for a while now, certainly not VDO. Be interesting to see if the more expensive one mentioned above is a better quality item.
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  14. I rang Coolair and it turns out they have the cheap one at £29 but the expensive one is made by VDO. Got 10% discount as usual so it was £40. I'll let you know the verdict when it arrives.
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    Interesting. Should be good then! :thumbsup:
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  16. Can't remember where mine came from but it's not great....even with a bit of fettling it has a habit of coming down very slowly from full to half full, then about twice as quickly to one quarter full, then it's all over the shop, especially on a bendy road....anything from off the scale to back up to quarter full. Makes timing a fuel stop entertaining! On the plus side at least it reads something now.....
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  17. Did your sender arrive and is it VDO? Cool air are now showing the dear one as made by BBT.
  18. Bugger I forgot to look. I measured the resistances at each end of the scale and remember thinking they were OK - didn't write them down either. I'll get back to you.
    It did say BBT on the website when I ordered mine but he said VDO on the phone. Not fussed as long as it works really.
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  19. No need for that he only asked:eek:
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  20. Should have VDO and the part number stamped on it.

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