What's on the top half of your interior?

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  1. If it's not lovely mint condition paint, what is on the "walls" and posts in your van, and what are the recommended options?

    Wiggie has got what looks like headliner material glued to his interior walls on the upper half, but it's peeling off and rather off off white and I'd like to replace it, but I'm not sure what to replace it with or how to fix the replacement to the walls.

    Any suggestions?
  2. mine is just rally badly painted at the moment, doesn't look great, I want to use a natural colour liner that's flexible but to get best results its windows out which I don't want to do, im looking for a nice edging that can be stuck next to the window rubber then formed back over the edge of the lining to give a nice finish. looking forward to seeing what others have.
  3. Mine has original headlining... a little yellows and a few nicks, but original :)
  4. [​IMG][​IMG] I did 3mm ply
    Covered in vinyl

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  5. If you remove it, underneath is rock hard glue firmly attached to the paint, it's hard work to remove but if you don't it'll show through replacement headlining material. Either paint or more fabric is a windows out job too. Not trying to put you off but it's more of a job than you might think.
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  6. Thanks zed - I'll consider myself warned and have another look at how attractively retro is it in its current "authentic" condition...
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  7. I will be putting in interior lining apart from the cab. Was thinking wheat but settled for silver grey.
    All my windows are out atm prior to painting less work to do it now.
    Hopefully it won't look too modern vanish
  8. Bare metal on the pillars, homemade curtains, new pop top canvas, new headliner, DIY overhead locker & 12v LED lighting.
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  9. Hey Paul did you blog any of your fit? Just stripping mine at the mo

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  10. stickers .... not everyone's cup of tea but it will be constantly changing by adding more if it ever gets on the road ... roof liner is just the stretchy van liner carpet stuff..

    IMG_1817.JPG IMG_1820.JPG IMG_1759.JPG IMG_1733.JPG

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  11. Um like this :eek: roof.jpg
  12. Lol yeah but with a bit of the locker build included ideally

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  13. Here's a picture of the top half of @snotty exterior
    If that helps
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