What's gone wrong( don't read if you don't like football)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Nov 4, 2015.

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    I was there the last time Barnsley played at ot. 6 - 1 and a utd academy player fell into the hoardings that night and hardly played well for us again, but became a good player at West Brom. Jonathon greening!
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    Well done Spurs today. Good game and a big day for the Spurs fans :thumbsup:
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  3. I was there in a cup game when we got cheated out of a penalty got a draw John Hendrie scored a good one. Then we beat you at our place.
    I was also there when you beat us 7-0 and noticed not many (fans) left the exec areas prefering to watch on the moniters
    With their prawn sandwiches.
    Cant remember the 6-1 tho :hattip:
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    Sorry wrong game. 7 0 it was. I was thinking of Bradford 6 -1.

    There may be a few thousand of the prawn sandwich brigade, utd attract a few of them, but I can tell you truthfully, UTD have at least 70.000 reds that don't do the prawn sandwich watch game thing. We are reds and we will always be reds. I have watched them since the 60's and can never remember an average home gate of less than 50 thousand. There aren't many premiership teams without the prawn sandwich brigade, but none can boast our support!
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    There's memory for you. The Bradford game was 6 0 AND 17 years ago. :eek::eek:
  6. Newcastle don't do too bad :thumbsup:
  7. Thought my memory was going :D
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    Proper fans them too.
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    Congrats to Spurs for winning their last game at White Hart Lane - even if they beat Utd! I have to say I enjoyed watching the thing at the end with the old players. I even shed a tear at the end.
  10. I was just ranting about the craziness of it all, your spend over the last 5 years is £287m. Where will it all end as this sort of money does not feed down.
    I wasn't saying you don't have an academy just that I used to get tired of your fans asking who will try and buy the title this year and you seem to have gone the same way.
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    The game's gone crazy I agree.
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  12. Great day.... happy Spurs fan.

    It might not be the title but it has been another step forwards after watching the club develop strongly in the last few years. I hope the club manages to hold on and strengthen this squad for next year.

    Motty reminded us on the radio that Kane watched his hero, Defoe, knock 5 past Wigan from the Paxton Road stand as a youngster.... he's not off to any of the rivals anytime soon!

    ^^ I think if Chelsea had played CL this year it may have made for a closer title. Maybe not a Spurs win, but a few dropped points would have taken it to the wire :)
  13. A very fitting end I thought.
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  14. I was pleased for Tottenham that they won their final game at the lane, I have some fond memories of going to the lane, and some bad,I was there with my dad when we beat Watford in the 1970 FA semi final, I was there in 1972 when we drew 2-2 in the league cup, Alan Hudson scored straight from the Corner, I was there in 1975 when Spurs put us down and I got a right kicking on the pitch before kick off,I was there when we lost 5-1 in the league cup and when we won 6-1 and 4-0 in the premier , I was there in 1994 when a wall collapsed out side, I got crushed and punctured my lung, overall we had a good Record at 3point lane as it became known by the Chelsea fans
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  15. Did you have an accident at football that wasn't your fault :D
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  16. And that's the outgoing champions dispatched in style :)
  17. Postman brought a lovely letter this morning, I've only got a Cup Final ticket. :burp:
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  18. We must have the worse injury record in the premier league so don't ask Bilic advise how to prepare players for the premier league and also don't leave him holding your transfer kitty either

    Here's to next season can't be any worse I hope!!
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  19. Who's playing?
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  20. Who cares :p
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