What Tyres for 15 “ Wheels

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  1. Hi All, I’ve finally got myself a set of 15” Alloys thanks to Simon, Searching previous posts and doing some research I’ve found that if I don’t lower my bay (It’s Standard height) I should go for 195 70 15 to keep the speedo reading true , from my research a 185 R14 has a circumference of 80.4 inches and 195 70 15 has 80.8 inches (so close enough) , I also believe I can get commercial rated 195 70 15 which would be more suited to the weight , though I know you can get away with “Normal “ tyres with the correct speed rating .
    Does anybody have this size tyre on 15 inch wheels and do they look ok on a standard bus .
    Or have I completely got it wrong and need another size .

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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    It’s weight rating that’s important, not speed rating.
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  3. Yes , thanks Doug I meant weight

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  4. Play it safe ! C rated commercial tyres

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  5. Baysearcher

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    They just need to be adequately rated, no need for commercial rating.
  6. Yes ,but to avoid all that flaff , it’s easier and cheaper to walk and ask for commercial tyres

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  7. Mine are 185/65 x 15 with a load rating of 94. I'm not too concerned about the speedo being totally accurate as it's in km/h anyway so I tend to use the sat nav.
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  8. Ok thanks but have I got the size correct

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  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've got 15s but I put mahoosive tyres on to gear it down a bit so I can't help!
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  10. I have 195/70R15 102R van tyres inflated to 44 psi.
    Lovered by 5~6 cm, 1 inner spline i think.
    Cant comment on the ride as not done too many miles on them.
    Easy enough to get on and off.
    Very tight around the lip on the arch.
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  11. You have the correct size, 195/70x15 is as close to the original as you can get and tyres with the correct load rating are readily available – I’ve been running them for over 7 years.

    I’ll be renewing the tyres this year and changing to Pirelli Carrier All Season. https://www.roundtriptyres.co.uk/fi...-all-season-195-70-r15c-104-102r-97t-8pr.html
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  12. This is what they look like fitted.
    100_0889 (Medium).JPG
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  13. not All terrains to go with the LSD gearbox and monster engine?
  14. :) Nah, the monster engine is going to be a pussycat and the locker diff was fitted when I had the opportunity, not because I needed it. The bus seldom goes off-road; the pic was taken in the garden. I choose Pirelli Carrier All Season tyres because they have very good wet weather grip and they should be okay on ice - with the LSD.:thumbsup:
  15. Stick the two tyre sizes into ‘Will they fit’ and you get this



    The tyre you propose with a 15” wheel is pretty close to stock diameter / circumference

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  16. But 185/70x15 is not the size proposed, 195/70x15 is closer to the standard 185x14.
  17. I would think a bit here.
    A 185 width tyre is quite close to the inside of the wheel arch . A 195 is nominally 5mm closer. That might make getting it off a bit harder if any lowering comes into the story.
    I think that the width of both of these tyres is a bit more than stock so the steering will be a bit heavier too.
    I really would not be too concerned with exactly matching diameters for the speedo as that is only 10% accurate anyway.

    Just run a GPS speedo app on a mobile phone and you will discover something like
    20 speedo = 14 gps
    33 speedo = 30 gps
    41 speedo = 40 gps
    53 speedo = 50 gps
    70 speedo = 67 gps
    73 speedo = 70 gps

    Thats with tyres that are 5% too small 185/65R15
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  18. We're running Gusbus on 195/70 x 15's with a 102 load rating. Our tyre of choice is Falken Linam and they are a very good tyre, both in wet and dry conditions and in time, we will fit the same brand to Major. IMG_1303.JPG
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  19. Thanks Westy , nice to see what they look like

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  20. Thank you every one, seems it’s a similar debate to asking what oil to use ....

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