what is this oily f lange for?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by louigi_cornetto, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I've picked up an engine to do a rebuild on, but on the bottom rhs of the attached photo there is an open f lange with a red gasket. What should be on here? I've not got this hole on my other engine.

    1600 TP probably off a type 3


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    Oil filler neck.
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  4. am I going to have some problems if I want to use this in a camper? and can they be overcome?
    what else can I expect to be different to the standard upright beetle & van engine?

    I do have a bog standard 1300 case & bottom end, so I may still be able to get a good engine made
  6. vw heritage have them
    i had a remtec from them for my bug and the plate was missing phoned them about it sent one out in the post next day
  7. so if I blank this off, is there a place for the normal dipstick?
  10. I can see some blanking plates and some are a conversion to a dipstick tube.
    I'm reading there are some issues with the oil pressure switch & the oil cooler mount, that sounds about all...
  11. I thought you'd just had a rebuild off LP?

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