What is happening to people?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Merlin Cat, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Merlin Cat

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    continuing the theme of lack of compassion and empathy, I’ve just seen the awful news from New Zealand :(

    Where does all this hatred come from?!!
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  2. I can’t understand it at all there are enough problems in the world with natural disasters and illness that we don’t need to go out and create more. I can’t think of anyone, religion or race that I hate enough to go beyond the realms of human decency it’s all madness.
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  3. Sri Lanka cricket team were on their way there apparently.
    Nutters everywhere it seems :(
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  4. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    It gets worse. Apparently the main killer live streamed the killing :mad::(
  5. I blame it on video games

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  6. I worry for my grandchildren, and their children. :(
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  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Religion. It always comes back to religion.
  8. What is we used to say.... religion starts wars and women start fights

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  9. These people, these outlets.


    He could have linked to any number of legitimate news outlets but he chose the most anti-Muslim one. One that vilifies most Muslims as terrorists.
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  10. I think even if religion didn’t exist bad people would still target other people who are “different” for want of a better word. That’s why LGBT people are targeted. Why people with disabilities are targeted etc etc There is a difference of scale of course, and what form the targeting takes, but I think it comes from a very similar mind set sadly. :(
  11. I lived in Muscat, Oman for a few years and being a Muslim country I expected some friction between the local Omanis and foreign non Muslims like myself.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find a kind, welcoming and tolerant people and accepting other religions and even building churches for the expat communities.

    Its a great shame that a few extremists attempt to spoil the easy going tolerances us ordinary decent folk enjoy and try to maintain.

    Lived in New Zealand also many years back and it is a happy laid back country with a mixed population apparently just getting on and enjoying life. I was shocked to hear the news of a terrorist attack on Muslims there and in such a peaceful and lovely city of Christchurch.
  12. Absolutely shocking
  13. Facebook

    We are back in the 1920s. When telephones and telegrams kept extremists in touch.

    I worry who will be the next Hitler.
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  14. Take your pick, there’s a few in the making.
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  15. Differences pointed out, name calling etc are where the dehumanising begins.
    i think when the nastiness and insults remain unchecked and become the norm the dehumanising of the 'other' as 'less than, inferior, not like us' is complete and violence isn't very far away.
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  16. yep, social media has created echo chambers - all sorts of abhorrent views can be sort out and like minds allied. Then there are the self-appointed leaders of these groups who seek power and likely financial gain from it - tommy thug robinson etc

    ..and the thugs are now feeling legitimised, more powerful as world leaders are either overtly engaging in hate mongering and/or dog whistling to them to maintain the division, clearly holding the same abhorrent views; trump, bolsanoro ...

    And we know that fear sells. Keep people in fear and sell them their security back. disaster capitalism.

    Think i'm going to go back under the duvet and stay there until the world is less barking and destructive. :(
  17. You can't hide from it, you have to challenge it.
  18. i agree. but this is on a massive scale now, it's no longer challenging the bigot on the street when that bigotry is now coming publicly from the upper echelons and isn't challenged. It becomes legitimised, sanctioned and approved.

    *pulls duvet over head*
  19. We need to drop the politics of revolution, of which Brexit is an example, on both sides, and rediscover the middle ground of compromise. Dare I say, this problem is currently best exemplified by certain two party democracies.
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