What insulation to have in cab?

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  1. Do I want to stuff something through the holes, under the seats? It would help deaden the noise wouldn't it? I've got a bit of insulation left over from insulating behind the door cards in the back. Is there any reason I shouldn't do this?

    The same with behind the kick panels at the front?

    Also the cab doors. I've got lots of foil bubble wrap left over. I've Waxoyled inside the doors so if I tried to glue the bubble wrap it probably wouldn't stick, but is it ok/a good idea to put some in there as long as the window doesn't catch it?

    DSCF3144 (600x800).jpg

    DSCF3149 (800x600).jpg
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  2. fitted kingspan celotex behind kick panels then silent coat in doors and above wheel arch area made a slight difference but every little helps. In process of fitting the same in all rear panels.......
  3. I'm going to cover the wheel arch area/seat base and cab floor in foil bubble wrap, then carpet. That was my thinking, every little helps! Thanks.
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  4. I keep my spare parts and various tools under the seats , handy bits of storage .
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  5. I'll remember that next time I'm doing a bit of smuggling.
  6. Agree totally.
    Breaker bar with a 19mm socket for the nuts, bottle jack, speed brace, cable ties and some sundries...:eek:
  7. So you don't have vinyl or any sort of covering over the gaps? It does sound like a good idea if you get to it easily enough. I wonder if I could make a flap in the carpet.
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  8. If you could make a flap in the carpet that would be cool.
    I still have rubber mats which are replaced items from Wolfsburg West and I have had to replace them twice.
    Really like the original rubber look and if there is something on the market better than WW, I would be in.
  9. Mine had the original rubber around the sides of the seat bases, but they're getting tatty and I don't really like the look of them.

    When I was cleaning out all the dust and dirt I did find an earing I thought I'd lost ages ago. Those holes are just asking to have things lost down them!
  10. @Millie
    I used noise deadening on panels
    Seam sealer on the inner struts of the doors to reduce noise and 10mm self adhesive foam it insulates and reduces noise. Made a massive difference.
    Best wishes
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  11. Makes a massive difference in trapping water and moisture and promoting rust
  12. Closed cell foam doesn't absorb water.

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  13. Thank you, I'll look into those. I put a bit of felt that a friend gave me, over the engine to reduce the noise, but there wasn't enough for anywhere else unfortunately.

    DSCF3172 (800x600).jpg
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]Show me the Rubber! Shooow me the Rubber!!!
    Sticky back DPM rubber works a treat. Expensive but a gift from one of my suppliers

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  15. Looking gooood!
  16. Almost a quiet as a Bentley

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  17. Reeeaaalllyyy? :p
  18. Love the colour of your van

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