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  1. I've just changed my exhaust to a single quiet pack and fitted flaps and a thermostat . The thermostat is very visible now (was hidden by the big exhaust before I suppose)and I wondered if there should be a bit of tinwear at the back on the right. It's a twin port 1600 .
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  3. The way I am thinking is if you can see the thermostat the tinware for the pipe up to the air filter box is missing
    I think you can see mine under the yellow head covers painted black. Sorry not the clearest photo
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  4. Shouldn’t really be able to see the thermostat very well. Lives under a removable tinware panel on the RHS. Even with a four into one, you need to crane your neck right under the engine to see it.
  5. I'll take a photo next time I visit the bus .
    The rear is up on axle stands at the moment so it's easy to see but I thought there should be a bit of tin ,I'm sure there's a bit on the left side.
  6. There should be two bits of curvy under tin that swoop towards the back of the van. These form the "exhaust" ducts for the cooling air. The one on the right is in two pieces, so you can take the rear bit off to fiddle with the thermostat.
  7. If you look at my pic on 1 side you can see the pushrod tubes but on the other side the tin is fitted.
  8. 20190121_180718.jpg

    In this picture the thermostat is indicated.
    At the bottom the removable rectangular cover plate.
    Top left is the wavy tinware that bolts to the underside of the cylinder head to to the rear of No.2 cylinder.
    Top right is the curve of the underside of the "stove pipe" bringing hot air to the lower air cleaner intake from No2 cylinder head.
    Curved metal above the pushrod tubes is the air deflector between the cylinders.
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  9. ^this. Can just about see the thermostat peeking.
  10. 0f1b613418f58a3ea836123df522bdc1.jpg I found this , it's 9 that I haven't got . Is it vital or cancan i love without it .I don't have the stove pipe either ..
  11. You can live without them, but they "finish off" the top of the cooling air ducts. Can get them aftermarket, but they'll likely need some fettling.
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