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  1. I want to buy and fit a gauge to give me some idea of how my engine is doing when I'm driving it. Would you buy an oil pressure gauge or a temp gauge? If the latter would you buy a cyclinder head gauge? They are £121 at VW Heritage - is that a good buy? I've got a 72 Bay 1583cc engine Thanks John
  2. The westy has an oil temperature gauge, which comes in handy as it also has a remote oil cooler...the oil temp never strays above 220'F (its a US gauge)
  3. Oil temperature IMHO, ordinary oil dipstick version. Cylinder head is fine but really to be of use you need to know all four head temps.
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    When I read the subject line I thought the Telford/Brunel wars were about to restart.
  6. A vacuum gauge for manifold depression is good for inducing the twitches and distracting passengers. :))
  7. i need a gauge to tell me when im gonna go off my nut whilst driving ,so i can stop and chill....... C:)
  8. oil temp, and oil pressure....

    And I've just started using Stack gauges over VDO, the quality is so much better!!
  9. Thanks again for all your help-I will get an oil gauge and make it a Stack
  10. Avoid looking at your oil pressure...it'll only frighten you.
  11. Thanks Naskeet Took some time to read this but time very well spent - has answered all my questions Thanks John
  12. I am a firm believer in the head temp. gauge. Have a look at richard atwells bus page for some good info on types of gauge and there accuraccy and importance. I went for the dakota digital gauge which was expensive but i figure if it saves my engine it's worth it. At the end of the day these buses have been ok with out gauges for years but if you drive spiritedy or have uprated the engine for more power you will produce more heat !
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