What DLSR camera to buy?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Rustydiver, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Here's one for you photo buffs, wanting to get a new camera I've had my bridge camera for quite a few years now and want to go for a full DLSR what have you got any reconmendations.
  2. Sorry should have said was thinking about the canon 550D.
  3. I am a Nikon man personally. It just feels a such better build quality body wise than the Cannon.

    I have the D90.
  4. I had a D5000 for a short while, but the cost of lenses put me off so I went back to a bridge. The Nikons have a fold around LCD so it can be turned all the way around to protect it. Think it's been replaced with the D5100.
  5. Not all the Nikons have the folding LCD it's mainly the retail models not the pro or semi pro models.

    The D5000 has indeed been replaced but it is a very good camera and I reckon you could get one with a kit lens around
  6. I've just had this same dilema, and in the end i bought Nikon D3100, i'd read many reviews and the nikon came up top in all of them for that sort of price bracket, the only down side to it (which is remarked upon in alot of the reviews) is it does feel a little plasticy but for as for features its got all the cannon has and more.

    I bought mine from argos (it seems to be £399 jus about everywhere) the only added bonus with argos was that spending over £100 gets you £20 worth of vouchers.
  7. Nikons and Canons are very similar in what they actually do but do them in very different ways.

    I'd highly recommend going into a camera shop and just holding the 2 or so in your price range and see which 'feels' right.

    I guarantee one will just sit in your hand well and the buttons will be in the right place etc and the other one will just feel clunky and wrong in comparison.

    The other bit of advice would be that when you get past the base level of camera it's not really the camera that does the work it's the lens. Get yourself a good camera but save money for the best lens you can afford.
  8. Lookin at jessops at the moment cos for an extra £99 on any DLSR you can get a 70>300 mm lens, yea I know the lens might not be the greatest but it's an extra lens to start out with.
  9. dean_butler

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    I have a canon 50d with a sigma lens. Totally recommend it.

    Just to say I think you will be very happy with the 550d
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    I had a 500d before my now camera. The canon 550d if the 500d is anything to go by then will be a great camera. I got some aweseom pics with the 500d.

    I would go into a camera shop though adn play with nikon and canon adn get the feel for both. See what you prefer
  11. Honky

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    I'm a Canon man. I 'only' have the 350D and I think it's great.
  12. Just to put confusion into the mix, when i wanted a DSLR I did my research and came up with the Olympus E-420
    It was relevantly new then bout 3 years ago, my decision was weight, found it smaller and much lighter than Cannon Nikon
    It had all the functions of the others but the camcorder, that I never needed, it came with a 14-45 lens which is very good
    I have since then bought a 40-150 and a 70-300 all of which are excellent maybe it's the 4/3rds system that is uses, it do make them expensive.
    I think DSLR's are a very personal choice and you will know what is for you, I do agree with MadFrankie to go into the shop and hold them
    I never had that luxury here in Cornwall, only Plymouth has a good camera shop and that's 2hrs away
    All in all I'm very pleased with mine so I bought my wife one the same so we share lenses
    I think the E-420 has been superseded many times now but I'm sure you could get one, I never mentioned, sorry, there about £200 cheaper if that helps

  13. Thanks for All of the replies going to get myself into a shop over the next few weeks to have a play. The wife insists on buying me one for Christmas. So hope there will be a few good deals around.
  14. If a canon is the one you choose there is a canon outlet shop on ebay.

    I got mine from there, good prices, just the box was a bit battered as they sell the returns or box damages but camera was perfect...I even managed to get an extra lens in the process!
  16. Terrordales

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    Also remember to leave enough money for spare batteries & memory cards.
  17. Matt has got the Canon 350D and I have got the Canon 400D ... we both have Sigma lenses though as I prefer them to the Canon ones.

    We've had Canon's for donkey's years, ever since having a car broken into and having the contents of the boot nicked ... new for old on the insurance was handy as it allowed us to trade up from our 2nd hand SLRs to the new fangled modern Canon SLRs (they were the old fashioned film SLRs still but had this unusual technology of autofocus etc ... hadn't had that before!) It was a long time before we deicded to go digital and to be honest there was nothing wrong with the film SLRs we had ... just decided it was about time to stop being such luddites and that we ought to catch up with the new fangled technology and go digital ... plus small child means that you can take 100 pictures to get the one good one!

    But as already said, get into a camera shop (Jessops or if you are lucky enough to have a local independent shop then go there) and pick them up and see how the feel ... you will find the one that feels right in your hand and has all the right buttons in all the right places.

    Then once you get it ... go out, take pictures and put them on here! (oops ... just realised I have camperjam photos that haven't ever made it up!).
  18. I'm not new to the photography thing had a SLR in the good old days of films, used to develop my own pics which was loads of fun.
    Had several good compact digitals and a bridge camera I just want an upgrade. I do like cameras with AA batteries in so if you run out you can get a set in any shop in the world. But most seem to come with camera specific batteries. want to get back into some serious photos.
  19. Been into jessops today to have a touchy feelie time. I'm still on the fence at the mo it's between the Nikon D5100 or Canon 600D.

    Oh god I still don't know.
  20. Which one felt like it had the buttons in the right place or was the right weight?

    Remember you will be holding it and walking around with it, sometimes all day. If its too heavy you won't want to use it...

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