What carb do these numbers relate to

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by ginger ninja, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. It doesnt have brand name so I'm assuming its Chinese.


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  2. I cant read chinese , except on a friday ... :rolleyes:

    After mucho delving and exploration of t`iternet i think its a copied 5-h-1-t ??

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  3. Ha ha! Thought as much. cheers Chris.
    It’s a fisher price carburettor then.
  4. I had something similar (poss Empi ??) but could never get it ticking over so went back to the trusty Solex .
    Give it a go - some seem better than others !

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  5. With that weird font, I'd assume it's Chinese. It may or may not work properly.
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  6. Cheers chaps. It was in a mate’s spares box. He’s got an empi on his bus at the mo. We seem to have set it up nicely as per the book so will leave this Chinese spare very much in the box. Seems brand new though probably best left for an emergency or something or maybe fence chucking over activities!
    Thank you for your help as usual.

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