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  1. 17991D5B-EF1B-4287-B26F-42F8E01BC661.jpeg
    Hillman advenger brand new , carp for reversiing small rear window
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  2. My mothers Astra, the beetle was a little too rough for a driving test, no MOT/NCT in Ireland back then.;)
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  3. Mk2 escort 1600
  4. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    My Mums Cooper S Mk.II
  5. Mum's Fiesta Mk2
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  6. VW Beetle
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  7. Mum’s Hillman Minx. I loved that car
    Dad had one of those! BOF 492C. The four of us went round France for two weeks, squished in it. Great fun.
  8. Grandpas Florida car 1983 yellow Buick Regal, just like this one. And it looks like it’s in Florida as well. Love those fake spoke hub caps...
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  10. Merlin Cat

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    In the instructors Ford Escort mk 3 after 3 lessons, 2 on the morning of the test :eek:

    I was in my 20’s tho as couldn’t afford lessons prior to that.
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  11. Dubs

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  12. My driving instructor’s Nissan Micra.
    Unfortunately the day before my test someone had driven into the back of it at a roundabout, and so the rear tailgate and bumper had a nice V shaped dent, and the rear window was smashed and replaced with a plastic sheet.
    It didn’t look exactly great when we turned up for the test, and of course all those little ‘markers’ that I’d used to line up on for reversing around a corner were no longer there!
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  13. Austin 1100 after 6 lessons
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  14. Instructors D reg (1987) Pug 205. It was nearly new, it was white and had some awful coffee coloured interior.
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  15. Moons

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    Instructors Nissan Micra...the boxy 1st gen ones.
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  16. Good ol’ Datsun 120a f11
  17. VW Polo, bread van shape, was my Mum's :) Crap styling but amazing the stuff you could get in the back.
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  18. But did you pass
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  19. Nissan Bluebird. 6 lessons, passed first time. £9.00 per lesson. (Learned to drive when I was 13, in a field).
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  20. Of course :D
    .....Despite the fact I got the examiner that everyone dreaded; he lived in the same town as me and rumour had it that he never passed anyone from Fordingbridge first time because he didn’t want us ragging around the streets!
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