What can I make out of a 1700 T4 engine?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by zedders, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I was at Bob's, didn't go to yours as I didn't think you were there!
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  2. Yep, there are some mag alloy cases kicking around, but you can tell the difference by weight and a few visual bits too!!

    Cc wise I'm pretty sure you could get some 103s for the 66 crank :eek:

    What's it going in?? :)
  3. Think this answers that....

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  4. I was on me phone, and you can't re-review mid-reply :lol:
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  5. Right, in your current config, you can put 1911 B&Ps on it, but you'll need to get the heads opened up from 100mm to 105mm for the bigger barrels..

    Cam wise, nothing too crazy... @Owen Snell 's cam (Eurorace II grind) was based on it being on the 1700 box, so if you're staying with the 1700 box, then you can drop in something fairly stock, or you can go up to around 280/290° duration, but you'll need to port the heads to support this.

    Not that you need telling what you can do ;)
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  6. As I need EVERYTHING I might end up buuying a whole 2L anyway and see what's the best.
    So, Paul, what can I make easily out of a 2L?
  7. Well this escalated quickly!!!
  8. Sold engine, looking at what's left. If I go T1 I have just a "super-race" crankcase which is brand spanking new and a VS exhaust which is about to be replaced again so will also be new. I could sell these for good money, buy a whole 2L off ebay and be further on? Also I will have suitable air vents for the added T4 cooling, I don't think a T4 would be very happy in the early. Carbs and filters will go again.

    Full circle - my first 12 or so years of campering were first with a 2L from a T25 in a bay, then a 1700 T4 in the Westy, I'm relatively new to T1's.
  9. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    come over to the T4 side, you know it makes sense....... you can even lose those pesky carbs
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  10. I like the carbs! They're the only bit I can use again!
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  11. Easy is a 2056, mild ported head, stockish cam... It won't be a screamer, but it'll have plenty of grunt!! :)

    Or you could go stroker, 78mm crank, 96mm barrels with stroker pistons and that'll give you a 2270, but you'll need to mod the heads to have 44x38 valves :cool:
  12. Second one sounds expensive.
    I'm looking for grunt - heavier late bay with pop-top. :)
  13. The 2270 conversion is on my radar as a potent a build for the westy, I have been perusing the AA products website, some tasty kit on their :)

    U.S. Prices are (or where) reasonable but taxes bump the cost up.

    Then there's the cost of machining the case which I wouldn't want to tackle!
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  14. It is expensive... You're gonna be spending around £1500 just on getting your heads reworked!!

    You're getting into the realms of spending more on the engine than what you paid for the van ;)
  15. The case doesn't require machining if you're staying with stock cooling :)
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  16. That wouldn't be difficult, the van was just over £2k.
    £1500 for heads reworked? That's for a screamer I imagine. If I just want cc's and low end torque I imagine the 39x32(ish) 1700 heads would be just dandy?
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  17. ^with a higher lift cam. :)
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  18. Tbh I've not got as far as cooling yet, I would want to retain the existing external oil cooler but sited in a better spot than the left hand battery tray!

  19. I've built a few with 39.3x33 valves... AMC sizes ;).... And they go really well :)
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  20. ^ thats the AMC size Ive gone for on the 1911 build, fingers crossed theyre good :D

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