What Bicycle carrier can you recommend please?

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by Neil Johns, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Hi there, I have been told I cannot fit a tow bar to my 78 T2 due to the twin exhaust. So, I'm in the market for a tailgate carrier for three bikes. Can anyone recommend one please. Or, do you have one for sale? Much appreciated in advance.
  2. Ive got the fiamma one it officialy takes two but you could strap another one on i would say , not for sale thou sorry , have a peek on ebay you never know ?
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    That. The Fiamma one would take 2 adult and a kids bike I'd say. You might struggle with 3 adult bikes depending on weights.
  4. thanks for getting back. Is there a model name? Ta
  5. mine has vw1 on it , i thought i had a pic but cant find at the mo ,they are easy to fit and they dont cover number plate or engine lid and you can open tailgate with it on .
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  7. heres a side view[​IMG]
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  9. I have a towbar carrier, I would say to get a different exhaust and then fit a towbar, can carry more weight and you can get then dir up to 4 bikes. I have a 3er at the moment but will be upgrading t a 4er son
  10. I hope you don't fit yours like that
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    It's just for show, I prefered the tow bar one :)
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  13. I actually leave the two bottom brackets off, the weight of the bikes hold it down
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    This is our one, from Halfords. It's a towbar one and easy to load.

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  15. I have the Fiamma one too, very useful (although somewhat of a faff to fit - I can see now why people leave them on the bus when not using them!!). Fiamma do an extension kit to allow you to fit a 3rd bike onto them (have a look on eBay).

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