What’s a good price for a rust free cab door?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Steve101, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. I need a pair of new cab doors due to extensive rust in the usual places. Rust free examples on eBay seem to be around the £500 mark. Is that reasonable?

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  2. Yup - that's what they fetch .
    If you're not in a rush they come along a bit cheaper but not much ...

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  3. Eight years ago the last ever flat skinned new ones from JK were £265 each , I had two, so £500 seems pretty reasonable.
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  4. Fair enough. Gonna have to take the pain I think. Thanks.

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  5. That's some inflation ... paid £200 for one about 7 years ago ... now worth £500?!
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  6. At Dubfreeze back in February , there were rust free doors for as little as £350 inc decent handles on them. And also I saw pairs of doors for around £400 e.a. So look around make a few enquiries before you bite the £500 per door bullet !

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  7. There are some guys that will get you
    Some Arizona or dry state ones
    To order
    Do a bit of research before you buy off
    Gary at coolcampers or someone like that :)
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  8. Thanks. I’m in rush so will do a bit of window shopping.

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  9. It’s surprising that nobody makes new ones, there seems to be plenty of demand for em
  10. I know. You can buy almost every other body panel new.

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  11. The demand is there but have you ever stripped one down ? I wouldn't have thought it'd be financially viable to be honest as they're very well engineered with bracing galore .
    I believe there is availability on Brazilian repros but i'd go for a decent import - you know what you're getting

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