Westy owners please help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stan, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Westy owners if you had your poptop material replaced recently can you please tell me what it is made from?

    Is it breathable and where did you get it?

    Many thanks
  2. The best on the market is from Wolfsbergwest
    Contact Ron Begry $291 + VAT + shipping, and comes in a few colours, ideal if you know someone who is shipping a bus over and you can get it thrown inside to help minimize shipping / VAT ;) ;)

    The other option is the same product but from C&C its £390 ish I think !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then there is the thin stuff available from the seller on ebay £99

    I am going for the WW option in jaffa when the winter comes ;)
  3. i need a new canvas - but need a new car first ....
  4. Mate that is excellent it was the type of material I am interested in as mine is an early Devon concertina leakbox. That ebay link gave me some good info - cotton canvas with water treatment. Hmm well thats interesting, I had been in touch with a manufacturer of waterproofed materials and he suggested not to use that sort as the treatment does'nt last due to the folding and compression? I dont think its as bad for a Westy roof but might be an issue for me in the Devon?

    Karma pour vou thanks
  5. Got mine from the guy at VW Evolution ... its canvas 8)
  6. do you want to keep it looking original or do you just want a new one?
    marine canvas was used on my non westy roof
  7. Mine is original spec Canvas, and has no problems in the wet ;D
  8. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    Mine came new with the camper.

    Shipped all the way to the US from JK.
  9. Thanks for the replies :)

    The problem is :

    1. I dont have a westy I have a Devon - with plastic concertina roof, I am looking at alternatives since the replacement is a whopping £400-500 to buy and it will only fail in the same way as my original has.

    2. I want to replace with a breathable fabric that is waterproof yet does not mind being compressed for long periods (ie when roof is down), I can get hold of pvc fabrics easily enough but pvc does not breathe and it will rot eventually.

    3. The current offerings from the usual suspects tend to be pvc based in one form or other.

    I have been looking at marine fabrics but when I get the samples home I find them to be thicker than expected and hence there will be problems with severe creasing and a shortened life (I really dont want to to this job a second time)

    Whilst researching it seems tent fabric is no good as it gets wet inside? I have some Sunbrella type (awning) fabric samples which are acrylic solution dyed which means they are supposed to last for years in full UV with no issues and also strong - but again they seem a bit thick for the Devon roof?
    I am probably making too big a deal out of this but these fabrics are not cheap so want to get it right first time. Its easy enough to sew up and make up its just down to the correct fabric with the right properties?

    I have contacted a number of suppliers and manufacturers but they either cant be bothered replying or they dont stock anything suitable?

    so when you say canvas you mean preshrunk cotton canvas with a waterproof coating? Is it quite thin?
  10. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    Ours is a pre shrunk canvas with a waterproof coating. It is pretty thin and could be sewn using a standard sewing machine whatever that is.
  11. rickyrooo1

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    Mine is original leaks like a sieve and is repaired with duct tape - i hope this makes you feel not so alone, i too would like a new one - however i am more skint than skinny skint the skinny skint man from skintsville u.s.a
  14. mine has only been put up 2 or 3 times this year and it doesnt crease although it is thick it doesnt seem much different to the original. marine canvas is used on the removable deck covers on boats, so it is hard wearing, weather proof and fairly cheap.
  15. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

  16. Thanks folks you have given me some good lines of investigation
  17. Buy a cheap canvas awning off ebay and cut it up to suit ;D

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