FOR SALE Westy Essen Trailer

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  1. I bought this about two years ago as a resto project but have since bought a Puck so no need for it anymore.
    It's an early style with the rear hoops and detachable lid with Westy roof bars (the latter need re tapping)

    Its had some new metal where needed and powder coated in a cream colour (see pic) It also has the earlier style two piece wheels. It comes with new dampers, reproduction tail lights, reflectors, glide bearings, coupling, round buttons & mudguards (black)

    These parts alone cost in excess of £200. The trailer requires new wood, wheel bearings & tyres plus a weekend to put back together.
    I'm taking a huge hit on this as it's for sale at £500 which is what I originally paid for it in the first place. In total I recon it stands me at £950.

    To give you and idea of the value when completed see the following link:-

    Here's a picture of the frame sat in my shed.

    Collection from Warrington and the good thing is that it fits in an estate car for transporting.
    Any questions please ask.

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