Westfalia Roof hinges , £19.95 for two ! Is there an alternative?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Popsy, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Trying to encourage my 10 year old to sleep up top on our upcoming 2night camping trip , The hinged flappy bit has never been attached since I got the van due to a broken hinge , now he’s taller I could do with getting it fitted , anyone used anything different or do I need to spend £20 on two hinges !

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  2. B&Q - they`ve got farsands ...
    Sure you`ll find something similar .

  3. Thanks Chris, I guess you’re right , obvious really

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  4. They are called scalloped hinges. If you search online there are loads of similar ones without Westy scene tax.
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  5. Thanks, appreciate it

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  6. My hapeth is on this occasion your not being ripped off by 20 quid but by the difference on a non genuine pair . So you may save a few quid but not enough to retire on .
    Chances are non genuine holes will be in wrong place and hinges even a different shape.then add your time to make them fit .
    Sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and pay the price and this may be one of those times for the sake of maybe 7 quid
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  7. ^this
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  8. Could you replace the hinge pin on your broken one?
  9. Fair point really

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  10. Unfortunately it’s not the pin , the hinge plate has snapped

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  11. Its a bargain, replace both and your £10000 plus vehicle is usable.
    Bodge it , and I doubt that B&Q will be much cheaper and you will now have odd holes weakening the structure, repairs cost more than a tenner. Ffs.

    Dont buy four beers in Hamble pubs ... and its paid for
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  12. Thanks Mike , you’ve seen my Bus right ? £10000 plus , I wish
    Though you are right I’m going to order the correct ones , I was just a bit shocked initially at how much they are

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  13. I apologise for overvaluation, sorry. :(

    But sometimes you just have to pay the price, not just for now, but to encourage somebody to keep on holding stock in future.

    Last night I was faced with a similar dilemma, they want £14.91 for an ignition key for my boat engine. But the old one has cracked half way through.. bodge or buy a new one.. I decided to buy one as an ignition lock barrel with half a key in it as the wind blows you up the beach is much worse than £14.91 to fix....
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  14. Kinky!
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  15. That’s cheap! I’ve just bought 5 stainless Viking hinges that all in...set me back £80.

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