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  1. Good evening lads and lasses,

    I currently am looking to have my westy interior re-covered from the Yellow to the blue and re-foamed. I cannot for the life of me find any photos of the Blue/Green plaid fitted in a van so was wondering if anyone could help me out with a sneak peak please.

    All westfalia colours welcome to be honest as I’m undecided what to run and what to go for.

    It’s kinda the last step for inside so I’d like to get “it right” and enjoy it for the next 30 years.

    I’ve attached the current interior form complete with the yellow curtains but although it is currently an in colour I’m drawn to the blue/green check.

    Many thanks,

    Tegs. 94241153-9740-441C-A753-B86A950302A6.jpeg F632070A-7FD4-44E1-AADC-E5D4DE4455EF.jpeg image.jpg
  2. Look on NLA.com
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  3. Very nice . But I went with this . I found I gained An amazing amount of space by taking the kitchen and storage out. Of course my 24 hour staff compensated for the loss. 8147E22B-7EA3-4464-98C1-2996CDCA5A38.jpeg
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    Does this help @Tegs ? You could get the matching shirt too :)

    vw T2 westfalia blue check interior

    Bummer, I’ve lost the shirt image:(

    F6AB4E58-5663-4CB8-94CB-C7AC51162F72.jpeg D608B0F0-6B7A-41CE-8C1E-C26856A7A5BE.jpeg F49FDD9A-A9BA-4265-BB8D-0AFE70E8C916.jpeg
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  5. Ace! Absolute ace! I honestly am in two minds now though wether to go for it with the blue or play it safe and go for the yellow again. The foams done well for 44 years I suppose
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