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  2. I should be in the cardi, elasticated waist trousers and comfy shoes brigade at my age but I am still trying to decide what teen faction I should be in.
  3. Mods - never understood why someone on two wheels would want to go so slow.
  4. You’ll never in a million years guess which one was
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    Well, I did have a scooter and a Parka, then I had a motorbike and a leather jacket, then I had a lot of hair, loons, cheesecloth shirts, and an RAF greatcoat. Now I’m a skinhead :oops:
  6. We drive vehicles that have 4 wheels and go slow:thumbsup:
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  7. I was a Skinhead ,
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  8. Hmm I wonder which one I was/am? ;)
  9. I was a rocker..... I was used for baiting the skinheads and punks and when they went after me all hell would break out.
    I was the smallest and the youngest and probably the most stupid at the time and did get a few good kickings but hey ho part of growing up I suppose.
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  10. Covered all bases there!
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  11. 9DCFFF93-3C17-459A-A3A1-3AFE84E40ABA.jpeg
    Forgot punk
  12. Skinhead..............I have turned into one in my old age!
  13. Did you ever possess a collarless Grandad shirt? Very fashionable. And a denim bum-freezer from the back of Melody Maker :thumbsup:
  14. Takes a while to grow up properly. I still haven't managed it.
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  15. I had a Lambretta & a Parker. But didn’t really get mixed up in the scene. Bit of a loner really :( but I did have another Lambretta about 10 years ago. :cool:

    Edit. And why does predictive text change Lambretta to Lamberts? WTF is Lamberts?
  16. A type of ciggy smoked by ladies from the council estate.
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  17. TLB ladies! Why not...

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  18. I was a mo-cker ...
    Had bikes , hung around with heathens but enjoyed a eclectic taste in music.
    Hendrix through Floyd , Zep etc to Trojan ska via northern soul and 2 tone . Liked most music bar that Motown Shiite and NEVER had a scooter....

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