Went down to halfords today and ....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baybug, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. I went to halfords today to pick up a 4 draw tool box to go with my other stack as it's on offer at 30% off , so I booked it out on line then when to get it and after waiting around for someone to find it I found out they were looking for the wrong box !
    Just as I spoke to another bloke about the problem he had a pack of screw drivers in his hand Whitch he gave to me and said sorry for the delay and the waste of your time I have your box here:)
    So I got a free pack of screw drivers not much I know but I thought it was nice that they did it to say sorry if only things were like that all the time
  2. Ha! Result :)!

    The Halfords screwdrivers are really good quality (as are most of their tools). i got a pack, I think, with some oil - still using them every day!
  3. They look pretty strong and I need need more as my last once are now chisels lol
  4. Pretty decent service, always nice to hear good things :thumbsup:
  5. Don't get that most places and I think most of there stuff is great , even better with money off:)
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  7. I think I've got problems I'm turning into a tool box whore lol this is it all fitted .
    Them screw drivers I got were 20 pound down to 10 now good price at 10 pounds I think [​IMG]
  8. i use the halfords professional range and when ever something brakes no questions asked replacement they offer a great service and tools are quality compared to snap on prices
  9. I'll second that , for the price the stuff is great and all the deals on at the moment it's a steel .
    That 3 stack tool box has cost me 270 Witch I think is good
  10. yeah i recently brought a ratchet set which the socket sits in side the ratchet giving you more room in tight spaces and a set of ratchet spanners in set 8,10,12,14,17,19
    should of been £99 paid £40 great for tight spaces
  11. seen them today , good buy was thinking about it my self
  12. Baysearcher

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    Halfords tools and boxes are pretty much always on a 50% off deal.
    The pro range is great.
  13. Well I was looking at the Clarke stuff but after going to machine Mart and testing the draws etc on the same price as the halfords stuff I find the halfords stuff much stronger
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    I've not used their tool chests as Ive got Snap-On ones. As long as they've got roller bearing drawers they should be fine.
  15. There roller bearing but just seem abit thin

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