Welding van floor from inside the van

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  1. Are there any areas to avoid when welding the inside of the van? My first time welding I had a small fire, but luckily put it out. My fault for having flammables around when the sparks were around.
    But now I'm petrified of fires. I'm thinking what if I weld the floor near the fuel line or will it be too close to the fuel container???
    I don't have a lot to weld, pretty small holes, but need doing.
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  2. The fuel tank is pretty isolated, and the fuel lines are further back than the rear cargo floor, but still proceed with care. Do you have any pictures of the areas you're welding?
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  3. This ^^^^
    It's possible but you need to keep an eye on the underside for underseal fires .
    Personally I wouldn't simply because you won't know what you're welding to - could all be in vain if you weld to a rotten outrigger ??

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  4. I would second the setting fire to underseal/ waxoyl worry. Clean up underneath remove the underseal / thick paint as it will be destroyed anyway by welding the other side.

    Its why my welding gloves get messed up. Slapping out small flames leaves molten underseal all over them.
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  5. Underneath looks fairly tidy. Inside there's been a leak from rear window (opening samba style window fitted by previous owner) & where the water sodden the flooring, its made small holes. Rather than an overall rust issue.
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    I remember my first day as a apprentice mechanic my boss had me sat inside a Austin 1100 on the car ramp with a squeezy bottle of water watching for fire while he welded the sills.

    Sorry J not good advice for you, but a memory for me of a very rubbish boss. :(
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  7. I had similar- poptop leaked for a PO and water left the bus through holes it made in the rear offside corner of the floor.

    I cleaned up the rust then kurusted it put fibreglass filler over the holes, undersealed outside and painted inside . I looked at it 8 years after this bodge and its still holding ..
    Welding can end up leaving cracks for water .
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  8. You're right to be wary. Easy enough for the heat from welding to set fire to something.

    If the holes aren't structural - you just want to stop the rain getting in - you can glue a patch on. Clip a patch out of 0.8mm galvy sheet from Wickes, and stick it on with something like Sikaflex EB. They stick buildings together with the stuff, so good enough for your van. You have to knock it off with a hammer and chisel to remove it.

    Here's a patch I put in my cab floor this week, just to cover up some old existing holes for an Eberspächer heater. It won't come off any time soon. Lick of Rustoleum, and you're done.

    a ebers patch 6s.jpg
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  9. @mikedjames & @snotty - that's an awesome idea... think I'm going to do that! They're definitely not structural & will be covered with flooring so this is ideal.
    I'd not considered that... thank you!!!
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  10. Do it! Works really well as a semi-permanent repair. It won't come off easily, believe me.

    a floor patch 6s.jpg


    Be careful when grinding/welding as it burns into glass, like windscreen etc
  12. Its annoying getting a new watch, forgetting to take it off and wearing short gloves and going angle grinding too..
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  13. And melt your fleece. And your bootlaces.
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  14. And your skin!

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  15. I used to quite enjoy the grinder spark burning skin feeling.
    Welding blob up the sleeve - no.
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  16. You were welding naked :eek:?
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  17. Set fire to the t shirt rag behind you....
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  18. You need to clean under seal off before welding. Ideally, both sides of the metal you are welding need to be clean or the weld gets contaminated and you get voids. Sometimes this isn’t possible. Fuel lines or whatever too close? Move them. I always get some pinholes when welding sheet metal. Put a light behind your metal. Mark the pinholes with a sharpie so you can see them with your helmet on. Seam seal if you think it’s not watertight. No reason to avoid welding if it needs it and you can weld. Btw, I have nothing against bodges. I’ve done my share to keep rolling but I do try to go back and do it right eventually,
  19. For more drama though, you can’t beat a welding blob down inside your boot, giving the sensation of an epileptic fit!

    Welcome back Steve @zedders good to see you here again.
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  20. Or when it burns through the top of your running shoe and you dance around until you can get it off.
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