Water tank (Devon)

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Ukjoncollins, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Hello all,

    Bit of a long shot... but I wonder if anyone’s got a Devon conversion and taken the under mounted water tank off? If so do you know if there’s a top access point to install a connector inside the tank?

    The connector to put water into the tank, was glued on to the outside of the tank and has come off. All the brackets for the tank are rusted in place. I don’t fancy having to source new brackets if I can’t actually gain access to the inside of the tank from the top. Otherwise I’ll just glue the connector back on. I see most new tanks have a hole at the top of the tank for this very purpose but I’m not sure if this was the case back in the day.

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  2. You'll have to bond from the outside, no access hatch on the water tank.


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