Was Guy Fawkes right after all

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  1. ?
  2. Bludee useless
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    I’m rather keen on the actual building so if it could be sorted without damaging that :)
  4. I'd say he had a preminition that this shower of sh**e we have running the country would make the mess it has :eek:
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  5. Made me a lot of money penny for the guying outside the county arms pub when I was a kid, all the yellow snowed up blokes used to give us all their rifle :thumbsup:

    Chelsea had a goalkeeper in 1905 called Bill Fawkes he was known as guy for obvious reasons

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  6. Fantastic photo that. They had proper kits in those days didn’t they? :thumbsup:

    They’re what you’d call Billy Casper shorts.....(for the Kes fans out there)
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  7. He was so incompetent he would have had a seat in the House these days...
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  8. Give me strength! Now the incompetent fools have voted for a delay. This will not be given by the EU, due to up coming EU elections in May. Without UK Euro Mps the European parliament would be invalid and any legislation from it. The motion shouldn't have been tabled, let alone voted on. One thing though, it has shown how pants the whole lot is. Mother of Parliaments, your actions will be remembered longer than your words ever will.
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  9. thats great
  10. Perhaps he will get a pardon
    And we can have a new bank holiday at the beginning of October..
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    He played for Shef Utd too. They’ve got a picture of him up in the concourse :)
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  12. 2 years to work on a deal 2 feckin years at at the last minute they show the EU the deal what the ferk are these Mps on!
    we should have come out with no deal and told the Eu these are are terms if you want to deal/trade with us
    we long ago lost our balls
    Rant over for now
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  13. Chelsea played Sheffield Utd in the 1915 cup final which was held at a small ground in the north called old Trafford, it was named the khaki cup final due to the amount of soldiers that attended in uniform who were on leave from the war, now you know me I’m not one for making excuses but everything was stacked up against Chelsea that April afternoon, a lot of our team were injured or fighting in the trenches,the referee was from Yorkshire, our leading scorer and centre forward was carried off after just 4 minutes, no substitutes in those days, and our supporters couldn’t travel to Manchester because the railway was being used by the military, even so the boys put up a valiant fight and unfortunately went down 3-0 :(
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    Chelsea are my Brexit heroes. They haven’t been in Europe for ages :thumbsup:
  15. And tell young 'ens today :rolleyes:
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  16. Oi:p
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