Wanted - Double Glazed window seals

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Jellytot, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. my vinnie has got these wierd double glazed window seals which need replacing so i need 4 two rear windows and the two middle ones also dormie roof seals i could probably use something else as it was a panelvan conversion i think years ago has sticky out rubbers? any tips or ideas? the dormie roof ones have got to leak like a sieve lately and are doing me head in lol!
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    woolies trim is the place most likely, you may have to pop a window out to measure the profile of the seal, have you got som ebespacher bits for sale too, what model is it
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  4. uuh thanks ill have a look at that !! the heater isnt there its just the pump and everything else lol i will try get it off the bus soon as possible it was posing a fire risk as just plumbed into the petrol and kind of bodged after the heater was out...people are such numptys sometimes!
  5. Did you sort out the seals for the double glazed windows? If they are Westy windows, they just need regular glass seals. I got a full set from Alan Schofield. So far I've only done the rear but it's worked fine for 2 years.

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