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  1. Looking for some recommendations for some new walking boots.

    The days of charging up mountains are over so I just need something for general footpath walking that are are supportive, comfortable enough for all day wearing (I have high arches) and are waterproof.
  2. It's very personal with fit etc. but I recently bought these and am very happy with them, sports direct. Good enough for Summer in the Alps if you're not using crampons I reckon.

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  3. aw mooch
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  4. I got some brashers from Blacks outdoor on offer 90, so far so good comfortable and well made
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  5. I’m a long term fan of Salomon boots. Had numerous pairs, always comfortable, and last well
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  6. Well Baz if you want a winter boot. These are very popular.


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  7. Merrill are a good make. Seem to come a bit wider than the cheaper ones.
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  8. I bought some of these for my beloved and she loves 'em.
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  9. image.jpg Hi tech v-lite . Been using the same brand and model for almost 15 years . I also use them for tree surgery. Have about five at one time in various conditions. These were new 6 months ago. Beat to hell now . I’m walking,/hiking everyday Never had a ankle . Twist . You need to walk a few weeks before they get good . They love when I take them to the beach. image.jpg C7BD614F-E0CC-4F23-9106-4E9C7226F3CD.jpeg
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  10. another vote for Salomon's from me - great boots and shoes, comfortable and last. They have lots of shoes and boots in the range for different technical needs. :thumbsup:

    Though last time i loved the quest 4d's so much i bought two pairs in case they stopped making them :oops:
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  11. And no VAT on kids sizes!! :thumbsup:
  12. I wouldn't know because i'm an adult size 5! :p

    *sometimes 4.5 :D
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  13. 10
  14. i have new size 11 steel toe caps
  15. Owt by Altberg. Pricey, but can be resoled by the factory, so if you look after the uppers it pays for itself. Leather quality is top notch. Done 400+ miles in mine and the tread is still good and not a blemish on the leather. Different models account for different foot shapes due to the lasts used and come in 5 different width fittings. I used to be a Salomon and Scarpa man but now won't ever go back. Best boots I've ever had.
    As for your high arch, I can't recommend Whalley Warm And Dry near Clitheroe enough for fitting. They will stretch the boot if needed and work in partnership with a podiatrist, who unfortunately has moved out of the premises but is only 10 minutes down the road.
    They get a lot of London folk coming up for boots with orthodontics as the cash saved compared to the smokes prices pay for a weekend walking int Dales.
    Will put up some links later.

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  16. I wanted Salomans but they didn't fit my foot shape. Ended up with a pair of Scarpa. Don't focus on a brand, focus on the fit.
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  17. This this this^^^
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  18. Scarpa Marmoladas feel like slippers but more of a technical mountain boot. But VERY VERY comfy.
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  19. Btw. The Altbergs and Scarpas I mentioned don't have death grip when wet like a lot of boots do.
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