VW T5 Steel wheels and tyres.

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  1. A set of 4 / 6.5" x 16" steel wheels with 205/65 x 16 tyres , complete with hub caps, 5mm of tread on tyres in good order . £ 150.00 . collection only from Lancashire. Tel 07500909528. Grahame. IMG_8196.JPG IMG_8212.JPG
  2. Keep them as winter wheels, saves ruining you shiny new alloys in the winter.
  3. I’ve already got my T6 steel’s for winter .

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  4. Reduced now only £ 120 ! :)
  5. Have your tried rickyroo on blunder bus ?
  6. Has he still got that white camper ? Followed his conversion on T4/5 forum . I’ve tried to upload on that forum with no luck . Thanks for heads up

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  7. Yeh I’ve just sent him a heads up glws:thumbsup:
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    Might fit my T4 caravelle these. I’m up your way in the van in two weeks. I wonder what difference they will make to the speedo :thinking:
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    They don’t fit ;)
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