FOR SALE VW T2 Westy Berlin 1977

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  1. We are looking to sell our
    1977 VW T2 Campervan LHD Westfalia Berlin
    1800cc 4/5 Berth, Mileage – 78479
    Price £20,450
    Location – Richmond North Yorkshire
    A few Photo’s attached, can send more if interest shown
    Contact details John on 07841873224

    PS No Tax or MOT required!

    Imported from California in 2007 and repainted
    We’ve owned the Bus for 5 years now (3rd owner from new)
    Great solid Bus, well maintained, used for many holidays the furthest being to Switzerland in 2014 (3,000 mile round trip)
    Runs and drives well
    Original height suspension setup
    Kept in dry covered storage when not in use.
    Inspection welcomed, call to arrange
    Thank you for looking at this advertisement
    t2 1.jpg t2 2.jpg t2 3.jpg t2 4.jpg t2 5.jpg t2 6.jpg t2 8.jpg t2 9.jpg t2 10.jpg t2 11.jpg

    Petronix Ignitor II Electronic Ignition
    Plus Coil and leads to suit
    Tappets set up, oil changes regularly
    Rolling road set up, timing, twin carbs & jets (71BHP)
    Electric fuel pump replaced
    All Fuel lines replaced to high spec.
    Under body / arches cleaned & Re-applied Waxoyl underseal in Key areas
    Heating system, aligned and working
    Accelerator linkage – Butty bits installed
    Brakes / Handbrake all good
    Front panel - Spare wheel bracket removed and panel re-painted
    Two new Continental front tyres in 2017 (very few miles since)
    4-wheel alignment carried out in 2017
    Locking fuel cap
    Front cab door handle seals replaced
    New door mirrors fitted
    Front indicator gaskets replaced
    Rear lights renewed
    Running lights re-connected (U.S. spec)
    Split charger fitted
    Electric hook up (underbody)
    Stripped all interior furniture,
    Re glued / clamped laminate
    New flooring added
    All Berlin wood panels renewed
    Front seats replaced – Leather recliners
    Front inertia seat belts installed
    Rear seat belts x2 (1 inertia, 1 Lap)
    Renewed Plaid on rear bench seat & back
    Roof cleaned and bunk functional
    Audio - 4 Speaker system
    Curtains made and installed
    Glove box liner replaced
    Fuse box cover, gear knob
    Interior Cab light renewed
    Many other handles, fittings, grab handles renewed.
    Gear Knob, Handbrake light cover
    Radio fitted into dash location (not connected)
    Cooker fully operational + 907Gaz cylinder included.
    Original water bottle supplied (not used currently)
    Sink drainage connected (Tap not used currently)
    Socket supplied on Leisure battery.
    What I would do next if I kept it?
    Keep having fun in it on holidays / weekends!
    Steering box oil seal / leak or possible replacement
    Minor oxidation in small areas but contained over the years – Paint job? Plenty of time
    Water pump to install (not refitted as we do not use the bottle currently)
    Leisure battery may need replacing if required ( we use electric hook up)
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  2. No one looking for a good bus to start / restart their adventures??

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  3. Great looking bus and much better than mine
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  4. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Very nice looking bus, lovely colour :)

  5. In fairness, I think you must've listed it here just about bang-on when the forum went down for 10 days, so don't despair that no-one has replied yet.
    If I wanted one, I'd have a look at this - it looks lovely. Good luck with the sale :)
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  6. Thank you for the comments

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  7. Taking pictures of key areas this weekend for an interested party. Anyone else need further information?

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  8. looks like a nice bus - good luck with the sale.
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