FOR SALE VW T2 Devon Moonraker

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Lord Congi, May 17, 2018.

  1. Was gonna do that with the landmark as it's LHD as my mother was looking a few years ago to buy another place therein Alvor but brexit happened and the pound crashed so she didn't bother.
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  2. You could always do that in Wales or the Lakes
  3. Another viewing but sorry in Wales watching the footy.

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  4. For another 10 days :)
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  5. Thats a big phone Dave !:eek::D
  6. Show everybody your new T6 @carlot25
  7. bumped for my Mother as shes sick of it on her drive, I'm not arsed :thumbsup:
  8. Fair bit of interest over the weekend, 2 viewings on Sunday and somebody coming up from London so get her while you can, its a bargain as somebody stated who randomly messaged me on ebay the other week but wasn't interested.
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  9. if you haven't sold it, I'm interested. Bob
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  10. Sorry @PlumBob I was in Portugal, I should really check more often, yeah its still available weirdly as I had loads on interest when in Portugal as on ebay as well but never followed up.
  11. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Surprised you still have this LC. Cracking bus that!
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  12. rejected 2 offers and terrible when it comes to getting in touch.
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  13. Is there no market for cheap buses anymore? This should have sold months back.
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  14. Seems not, gonna give it a month or 2 then push it into my mothers garage.
  15. Bring it out again in the Spring and there'll be a queue for it. Great van.
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  16. Had a fair few offers but nothing really has come through and still sat on my mothers drive and I'm seeing her tonight for my birthday meal and no doubt she will bring this up, make me an offer, proper solid van, straight up owner.
  17. This lovely Devon is now with us , it’s got a fresh MOT and has been cleaned inside and out, new starter battery and fuel filter.
    It’s available for viewing pretty much anytime even when Congi is on one of his many holidays
    Contact either ourselves on here or Lord Congi for any info
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  18. Bumped
  19. Knocked a grand off £12,999
  20. Look's good.
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