FOR SALE VW T2 Devon Moonraker

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  1. 1979 VW Devon Moonraker 2L Double Top

    Here is my 79 Devon that went a full restoration at 81a VW in Southport please follow link to see pictures of restoration or visit their facebook page or mine - David Congdon - Manchester
    work done - 5 years ago and still in excellent condition and never garaged

    2 new original good quality doors with opening 1/4 lights
    new front and rear arches - full set
    new sills
    sliding door repair
    2 new battery trays
    Front repaired
    both rear corners
    full paint in baby blue and white
    New enginre lid
    2 new heat exchangers - yes the heating works
    Jacking points/out riggers - all solid underneath

    Also this devon features

    deluxe chrome windscreen wipers
    rear deluxe 1/4 light
    centre deluxe sliding window (both ways)
    centre louvered window

    Electric hook up with charging unit for both leisure and car battery
    Split relay charging for both batteries when driving
    240V/gas propex (cost £800)
    3 way RM123 fridge - all works including when driving
    Sink and tap - pump works
    2 gas burner and grill/oven
    CD/mp3 player with active base box under rear seat.
    car immobiliser and alarm
    carbon monoxide alarm
    table with extra legs for use outside as well
    2 double beds (one in roof)
    buddy seat and extension so 4 round the table
    Firetech engine fire automatic extinguisher
    Tow bar and electrics

    ✓ MOT
    24 September 2018

    The van is completely100% original devon conversion with full original coverings, floor and curtains, its like a time warp and I also have the original sales brochure and booklets.

    £13,999 for quick sale

    This van needs no work and I have camped all over the UK in her in both winter and summer.

    You can pay less but you will pay more in the long run as I have spent well over £25 k on her in the last 10 years.

    David (Lord Congi)

    20180517_192514.jpg 20180517_190817.jpg

    20180517_190843.jpg 20180517_191344.jpg 20180517_192335.jpg 20180517_192739.jpg
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  2. sorry no idea why the pictures doubled
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  3. @Lord Congi
    Do you remember when I put my old bus up for sale;)
  4. solid bus . Good luck !
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  5. Yeah unlike this it was a Marmitee ad and a Marmitee van.
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  6. Be a sad day cong , glws bud .
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  7. She's a beauty. Good luck with the sale Congi :thumbsup:
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  8. @Lord Congi
    David that’s no very nice is it!

    Yes but it Sold didn’t it :)
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  9. Have you got any pictures of the front or back? And maybe some side on pics?
  10. Merlin Cat

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  11. Please im mobile
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  12. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Job done :)
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  13. Also included the original drive away awning.

  14. Dude......why you selling? are you leaving the how you doing?
  15. As I have three vans !
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  16. Not yet as I'm away every weekend so Ive had people asking to view but not been in !
    I'm not really arsed about selling as I love the van and have had so may adventures in it, don't need the money so may just drive into my mothers garage.
    But if somebody wants it I will sell if I'm about :)
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  17. Nice ethics good to see integrety...
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  18. But....the Moonraker?!
    (Actually I’ve been debating selling mine as it just sits on the drive most of the time... hope you get your price.)
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  19. Hows about finding somewhere to garage it in Portugal, then you could fly out on a whim and go camping there:thumbsup:
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