FOR SALE VW Campervan T2 1974 RHD

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  1. I have owned Indie for 12 years and am reluctantly selling due to health issues that have meant it not being used enough.
    Fully reconditioned 1584cc engine less than 1000 miles ago (Aug 17) It runs well and can happily sit at 70mph on the motorway.
    The underside had a complete welding/overhaul in Sep 16 (photos available) and the exterior had any rust cut out and it was spray painted. Tax and MOT exempt but MOT done anyway and expires Aug 19. The gearshift was overhauled Aug 18. In 2012 it had a complete rewiring and leisure battery. Full service, work and MOT history since 2007.
    A completely up together and lovely looking camper that has been looked after and garaged, ready to go!
    More details:
    12v sockets and interior lighting
    Twin battery meter
    Powerful sound system
    Set of thermal, internal window screens (as well as curtains)
    Rock and Roll bed
    Custom built units with plenty of space including specific space for the: Mains/battery cool box fridge
    Portable gas stove
    Large water container (although there is space to include a sink.)
    Mains adaptor included
    Comfortable chairs with neck rests installed for driver and passenger in front Happy to answer any questions and provide more photos.

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