VW bus nicknames throughout the world

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  1. Ok, i'll be brave enough to attempt a fairly serious topic on the latebay (i'm not being cheeky)

    I'd like to list all the nicknames given to the vw bus throughout the whole world, - explained and translated in one place.

    Let's limit this from T1 - T3 as some terms aren't very model specific.

    I'll start with what i know or have read:

    Bulli - Germany - (was supposed to be the official name for the vw bus models, but the Lanz Bulldog farm tractor company objected, so it was named the Transporter, the Bulli name caught on anyway)
    Hippie bus/van - USA (a term adopted by a cultural revolution in America who's supporters were associated with driving VW Buses)
    Breadloaf / Pão de forma / Rugbrød- UK / Portugal / Denmark- (a nickname most likely given after the bay window model as it's shape resembles a type of bread baked in a mold)
    Clipper - (An official name for the deluxe models of the bay window buses. - it was short lived as Pan-Am airways objected to the name because of their Clipper planes, so the name was dropped)
    Combi / Kombi - (Kombi is short for combined or - as in combined use for passenger and cargo transport - it's a general term used for any type of van, but in some countries it only refers to an old VW Van, In Mexico it was officially produced as Combi)
    Terrorist van - (i thought the bus got this name after the hit film "back to the future" where it is driven by a group of Lybian terrorists - but apparently some terrorist groups were known to prefer the van long before that film. the sliding side door and opening roof was ideal for drive-by shootings.) In Croatia, although terrorism never existed, it is most commonly known as the terrorist van.
    The White Chicken - Egypt (a nickname given to the bus in Northern Africa where they are extremely common as passenger taxi transport. Most of them are white, and due to high temperatures and traffic jams, most of them keep the rear engine lid open while driving - this gives the impression of a chicken tail.)
    Splittie Europe/USA - (a term describing the first generation vw bus with a split front windshield)
    Bay Window UK/USA - (a term describing the second generation vw bus with a large single piece front windshield)
    Barn door - ( a term describing the very early and now quite rare T1 buses with a very large engine hatch resembling a barn door)
    Brick / Cigla - UK / Poland - (a term describing the third generation VW bus which was more square shaped than it's predecessors)
    Danfo - Nigeria (a word for a share type taxi vehicle, used almost solely for the VW taxi commuter vehicles)
    Volksie Bus - South Africa (guess it was an easy word to put into their catchy tv ad tunes)
    Kleinbus - Finland (meaning small bus?)
    VW Furgoneta / Furgoncino - Spain / S.America / Italy - (a common word for any small van, most often used to describe a VW Van)
    Aardappelkist - Netherlands - (Nickname given to the vw bus, meaning potato box)
    Jeunakeula - Finland - (a widely used nickname for the first generation bus, meaning train-front. the T1 bus front panel closely resembled the front of a train locomotive at the time)
    Klaippari - Finland - (a widely used nickname for all vw transporters - not sure what it means)
    Ogorek - Poland - (meaning cucumber which is apparently what these buses look like to Polacks)
    Pecera - Mexico - ( meaning fish tank)
    Ponorka - Czech rep. - (meaning sumbarine)
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  2. Hippie container :)
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  3. Millstone- Bolton: a term used to describe any object, which is a burden, either financially or emotionally to the owner (see also Albatross, Money Pit, Cash Drain, Nemesis )
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