Volkswagen T4 Karmann Colorado, rare, U shaped lounge

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  1. Thank you, just trying to be helpful, but might have over done it. Elizabeth x
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  2. No worry’s elizabeth , mr @davidoft was watching . It looks great , I’m pondering what to go for at the mo and it might take me a while to decide , soooo glws cheers barn :thumbsup:
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  4. davidoft

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  5. He was bored!
  6. £21,500

  7. @chancee where in the country are you - for potential viewings
  8. Truro Cornwall
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  9. Saw this on eBay. Glws
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  10. We are in Cornwall.
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    You want one ?
  12. Not quite yet
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  13. This rare motorhome (Tex) has full service history with an amazing documentation file. The camper has no rust issues or accident damage it has been really well looked after all of it’s life. He has wanted for nothing! In our ownership we have replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, brakes, cam belt, shocks the list goes on (full details below). We wanted it travel ready for our trip to Spain and France :). He has been trouble free during our ownership and we are confident it will be for a long time to come. If you have done your research you will know the Karmann build quality exceeds the UK built T4 auto-sleeper, Compass etc. The camper is in stunning condition for a 21 year old van and was valued at 24k in January by the Karmann owners club. We are selling as we have bought a vintage camper for trips around Cornwall.

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  14. Advert and picture update
  15. This looks like the very van for me, will you take a pig ugly Renault in part exchange?
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  16. Thank you for your message, but we aren’t looking for a part ex as we already have a van and three would be too much lol. Just looking for cash and thanks for your offer ❌

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