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  1. I have today found time to fit a rather nice new (and shiny) exhaust.
    My old exhaust standard cheepo GSF lasted about a year and when I removed it today I found more holes than I expected in fact some of the internals had worn their way through in an attempt to escape!
    I removed the foam seal, the paper air hoses(3) the back tin bits and realized the fan belt could do with changing. After changing the fan belt I then removed the old exhaust and cleaned up. All going well so far. Pre assembled the exhaust to make sure I had all the right bits and proceeded to offer it up while all the bolts were still loose. After some gentle persuasion almost everything lined up first time the only thing that needed a bit of force was the nearside (RHD) heat riser after that I gently tightened all bolts.I then ran the engine for a couple of minutes , rocked things about a bit and tightened everything up. Tried the engine again and all was well.
    Time to refit the tinware which went fine and now as it had got to 6 o'clock and it was dark I went to the pub and I will leave making the new air hoses (two out of three) until the morning, the new exhaust does not have those weird joining bits for the pipes but it looks like it shouldn't be too hard.
    More tomorrow
  2. Well done Andy. Sounds like a pint well earned.

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