Viking Volks Fest - Northallerton - 23-25 Sept 2011

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    Today I got a reply from a chap called steve, one of the organisers of Vikingvolksfest, Short but sweet

    Hi Neale,

    Dogs are allowed but not in Bar or Childrens area thanks, Steve
  3. Oh are we?! Yay cool. Was probably told about it and promptly forgot!!! ;D
  4. me and my mrs edele are coming over for the week end , so be prepared she s a wile women of the lead lol owen nw edele
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  7. This is shaping up to be a good do!! i presume we are all aiming to camp together. Do we need to sort out times we are going to arrive or is it easy enough to all get to camp together?? never been before so Im gonna go with the flow!!

    Next thing names!! Woody got renamed I got renamed, the wilmas got renamed ;) twice it would appear whats gonna happen with Para and Alan and the rest?? :eek: :eek:
  9. This is one of those small unheard shows thats going to make tlb history i can feel it in my boner
    and as were all camping in the dogging field im afraid we wont be able to share pics with non attendees
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    Woodlubber + dog
    Magic trev + dog
    Paradox + dog
    Niels en Jackie
    72wilma + dog
    Zebedee if the van runs
    Crazycaver and evening star + dogs
    yorkshirecampers + dog (s?)

    sounds like a party [​IMG]
  11. Ive started sorting through the family camping kit
    Its so long since weve camped as a family its been quite a challinging finding all the stuff

    The lavvu and wood burning stove have been put up and are fit for service but i need to buy some 12 volt lighting as my genuine tilly lamp is playing up and spraying parrafin out of the pressurising pump

    The last time we camped as a family my youngest daughter was still inside my wife
    She will be three years old in december

    Its amazing how life gets in the way of dreams
  12. Para me n woody have been bringing stews etc for a heat up friday night feast for the last few festies. Do you want me to bring the hippyhough/ Magical Trev wabbit stew for your taste perusal? If so would Mrs para try some and your little ens so I know how big a stew to make!! :)

    Also anyone else who is comming and not wabbit intollerant if you put your name down I can make one for all who wants to try ! ;D

    Wilmas if puca wants to try a bowl she is more than welcome!! :)
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  14. This is looking like it has the potential to be a right hoot.
    Are we planning a convoy Woody, Magical Trevor and Yorkshirecampers.

    1) got my instant light logs at the ready for the bbq.
    2)beer and wine.
    3)Gnomeing device to find any missing gnomes
    4)Dont bring the rabbit might finish up in Trevs pot.
    5)Are yes more beer, just incase.
  15. Alan Im tempted to put a picture up of my new sticker but I will leave it for a suprise!!! ;D ;D

    Yeah convoy is the way forward rubber ducky!!! ;D ;D
  16. Alan do you and Tina fancy some wabbit stew?? It doesnt look like wabbits by the time its made up!! ::) Even Shell likes it (although she wouldnt go near if she saw the wabbits being sorted :eek: :eek: )

    If your not a vegatarian your more than welcome to try some!! ;) Its Pucas fave food!! ;) ;)
  17. And as a quick note anyone who fancys some bugsy stew on Friday night if you dont like a certain type of veg let me know and I will make sure they arnt in it!! ;) ;)

    Im not Jaime oliver (thank god cos otherwise it would appear people would be really rude!) so i can change my flopsy tail stew to fit anyone who wants to try some!! ;D ;D
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