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  1. Back in 1970 Motorhome International of Stanbridge, England moved their efforts from their normal coachwork into making VW camper van conversions to compete with the VW licensed Devon and Westfalia conversations. Because Motorhome International where not accredited they got a bit of slack in the press (mainly by the aforementioned conversion companies) stating they where not suitable or safe for use, of which you can make your own mind up on this fast. This led to the untimely demise of the company in the mid 1980's.

    I had the privilege of talking to the owner of Motorhomes international who still holds bad feeling towards these company's who effectively used the press to shut down his business and he recalls how the situation was a bit cloak and dagger. Funnily enough he was still able to buy new VW vans direct from the dealership for his conversations without anyone battering an eyelid. So VW were fuelling both sides of the fire by supplying all the conversion company's with new vans, licensed or not. How money talks? That however is another discussion. Unfortunately Tony is getting into his later years and his memory is not what it used to be and he now gets confused very easy. Its a hard subject to get him to talk about as it still gets him angry.

    The point of this thread is to hopefully gather as much information on the conversations as possible. Whether it be the Viking conversion, Super Viking conversion or the Spacemaker conversation. Being thelatebay i think it only right that we concentrate on late bays but any information on the early conversions (not as easy to spot due to having a different roof than the vikings we know and love) and of coarse the T25 wedge should not be forgotten. It would be nice for this to be the place that people come to learn about these unique conversions so please share either original information or some personal experience.

    I will start the ball rolling with a couple of tip bits that I have been able to find although there is not a great deal of information on the web so combined individual effort may be needed (Scanning books etc)

    A few pics from a popular camper van book

    Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.59.20.png

    Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.59.28.png

    Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.59.37.png

    A good conversation across the pond on thesamba has some good information.

    Ultimately I would like to approach our local press (local to Stanbridge) and see if they will do an article expressing the boost to the economy that the company brought to the area back in the day and to see if there are any former workers from the company who would be willing to share some memories from their time at the company for all the enthusiasts of the conversion.

    So please feel free to share what you know or have and I hope this thread will prove to be invaluable over time.
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  2. Thanks for this. We love our super viking and I've been surprised as to how little info there is!
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    Nice thread. if you have found out any more post it up.

    I will add what I know later.
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  4. Just picked up a T25 Viking with original interior and pop, this answers my question on it's origin. Thanks.
  5. My dad worked at Motorhomes International in Stanbridge, Leighton Buzzard during the 70's. His name is Rod Arnold. He created the fibreglass elevating roofs with a good bunch of work mates. His memory is a bit hazy due to suffering several strokes recently. He remebers it being a good place to work and the firm created high quality conversions. (VW, TOYOTA & FIAT) A few names of local men that worked there during my dads time are Keith Short, Martin Johnson, David Lee, Trevor Chynoweth, John Birdsey, John Dunstaville and Fred Homes... About 15 years ago I owned one of their VW bay window 5 berth conversions (BJU 467K) wish i still had it, many good memories.
    I'll see if i can find out any more 0info from the others in better health. Cheers, Craig

  6. Registration number:
    BJU 467K

    ✗ No MOT
    Expired: 11 July 2011
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  7. Doesn't look good does it
  8. MOT history looks good and last MOT no advisories.

    It's a diesel ???
  9. Any idea if you can still get the fabrics for the interior?
    I was apprehensive about getting our grand Viking at first but my wife convinced me that the space would be great, she was of course right!!
  10. Which fabric you after? Brown and jaffa stuff? Not seen it new!
  11. Yea brown and Jaffa is a good description, need to recover the front seats.
  12. have you tried madmatz
  13. No, are they good for original fabric? I thought they only did after market stuff.
    I will send them a photo of the fabric anyway, you never know.
  14. hi guys just going through the interior of my super viking and found there is no fridge cupboard or sink
    anyone got this item would be helpful if you had fridge also would be awesome
    many thanks
  15. Think ive asked in the past to no avail. Things may have moved on but doubt it. There isnt the volume required to make it viable like there is with westy stuff. Who were you going to use to do the recover?

    Just a thought but on later models the underside of the roof bed cusions is vinyl. On earlier ones it is cloth. If yours are cloth then why not use them as a doner, redo the underside in vinyl and use the cloth for your cab seats.
  16. That's what I have planned to do but thought I'd chance my arm first, I haven't sorted anyone in particular yet but I am in the process of getting quotes.

    I'm based in Kent
  17. Hi does anyone have any interior pictures of a Viking? Not a super or space maker I've got a 73 interior that needs installing but not sure how it goes.
  18. I bought a late bay with a Viking roof and nothing else. Will buy the struts and hinges but fancy making the canopy myself. The interior wood and mechanism I have never seen but have done interiors before, just need to measure them. Never done fabric, anyone have a template?
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  20. Hi, the Viking Spacemaker looks like mine which I've always know as the Super Viking! It has the extra bed that slides out over the side.

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