FOR SALE Very nice chrome vintage badge bar with rare genuine ...

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  1. CA98329F-7BA0-49AA-A627-47E3E063014E.jpeg 128F80D9-33D2-4D99-9D50-9F6C74AB7827.jpeg Original Lucas SLR 576 and Lucas SFT 576 spot and fog lamps (reproduction examples of these lamps sell for £129 each !) both are working now , wiring needs checking that it suits standards for your vehicle . Also advertised elsewhere .
    All as pictures for £160 plus post and insurance as required by buyer .Or collect Herne Bay . These are used on a number of high end vintage vehicles ie, MG , Jensen , Jaguar ,Austin Healy etc and of course vw’s .
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  2. other lamp now working :thumbsup:
  3. Nice jumper! :thumbsup:
    I would but "me no have enee spendee" as you might say :)

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