Veewee fuel hoses dangerous?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by ZZ, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. ZZ


    Couple of people telling me that braided hoses are dangerous?

    Please let me have your thoughts because I can change them if they are dangerous?


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  3. Its fine for a lawnmower :)
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    This is different to the cheap braided hose that was sold previously that was junk, it’s a sweeping statement to say braided hose is bad and non braided isn’t
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  5. While I agree it may not be the junk that used to be available, as it doesn't say who manufacturers it or what spec it is, braided or not, I'd want to know that, I'd be cautious.
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  6. Leaking hoses are the cause of many a burnt out camper.

    With NON braided hose, it's obvious when the hose starts to crack. Braiding hides this.

    Modern fuel is much higher in ethanol than older fuels, and need a special hose type.
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  7. So is bad electrics, it's not just the poor quality of fuel hose that cause fires I'm sure.
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  8. I've never heard of a confirmed fire coursed by the fuel hose as normally it's such a mess that you can't tell what coursed it.

    I have had fuel leak onto hot manifolds several times in the past on various cars and they have not burst into flames.

    The important thing is to maintain the vehicle including checking the condition of fuel hoses the clips and all electrical items along with the oil soaked foam surrounding the engine including air filter.
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  9. I have had a fuel hose burst off the fuel pump and fill the engine bay with petrol with the engine running but nothing arcing.
    It stripped a lot of fresh paint, so I left the engine lid open for 15 mins on a windy day until there was no smell. And replaced the pipe and drove home.

    It caught fire the time I sprayed a loose connection on the coil with petrol.
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  10. As had been said why use braided hose when there are better alternatives available and not particularly more expensive. If you were still wanting to use the braided stuff i am sure it would be ok for a good few years. The issue is generally with older hose sometimes 40 odd years old where the rubber inside the braid has perished but the hose is holding together because of the outer braid.
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  11. The only petrol hose I will fit is Gates barricade or the PTFE stuff that is overbraided ..
  12. I renewed all of the hoses on my 79 van two years ago. I drove the van 200 miles and checked the hoses. Every one was cracked! The main hose to the carb was spraying petrol everywhere! I now use non braided hoses and have had no problems since( fingers crossed!)
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  13. Brand new hose went in 200 miles?
  14. I replace mine every year now as part of its service.
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  16. If you do 10 miles a year :)
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  17. A while back we did some work for Contitech (Continental Technology) who make various types of hose.

    I asked them what would cause the fuel hoses to break down quickly and they came up with a few plausible ideas.

    Now the Glass transition temperature of rubber could be anywhere from 47'C to ~98'C depending on the exact grade and composition, close to what the engine bay MAY see. The better made grades will be manufactured to have a higher glass transition temperature.
    They said rubber doesn't like tight curves as this will stress the rubber, tensile on the outer curvature and compressive on the inside & nice sweeping curves are better in keeping stress down. Alternatively, use joints to avoid tight bends (which is not ideal).

    They did suggest using the best possible fuel pipe available and to use nice sweeping curves!
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  19. It’s further up the page
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  20. I'm not really sure what this means? is it that the hose breaks down quicker in an air-cooled engine bay due to these being pretty hot?

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