VDub Night -Shardlow, E Mids -1st Weds of Month

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  1. Promoting a new gathering at Smithy's Marina Bar, Shardlow Marina, London Road, Shardlow, DE72.

    The first meeting will take place Wednesday 6th May 2015, "after work" onwards, and with your support every first Wednesday of the summer months thereafter.

    Us and @kev ?? will be there so look forward to seeing you there. Anything VW welcome :thumbsup:

    Mrs Monkey & I are hoping to arrange a camping event on the campsite here during the summer @Dicky & @vanorak ;)!!! We have 7 pubs within walking distance, great Chinese and Indian take-aways that deliver to the Marina so come and have a run out on the 6th...in anticipation of "The Shardlow Sleepover"....:cheers:

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  2. mmmmmm , hopefully we will be able to swing by sometime over summer , be great to meet up with you n @kev n a few others .
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  3. This sounds like one to pop down to..I cant make 6th May, Im up to my neck in uni assignments till the end of may..the next one, 6th June looks promising! :D
  4. Up for the camping weekend if we can get it on! In Berlin next week though to celebrate Anne's 50th and on Wednesday eve will be at the freidrichstadt palast watching the Bad-Seed himself. (Any burglars or van thieves please note the Rottweiler hasn't been fed for a while and the Gurkha security guys are sharpening kukris as we speak.).
  5. Good response to "the boatmans call"! Enjoy Berlin with Anne. Will Kylie be there???
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  6. You never know where the diminutive one will turn up but I doubt it. You going to Stanford?
  7. Not sure but leaning towards not. M working sat so looking to get boat out sat eve & bobbing up the cut for a couple of days.
    So much to do, so little time...:rolleyes:
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  8. Sounds good BM....the 6th is a school night for me unfortunately...but weekends are good....one of these days I might just turn up in a boat:D
    Will try and arrange something with The Dickster....when he's not going all Gunter Grass and lederhosen:rolleyes:;)

    Boats, Buses and beer in no particular order....what's not to like:thumbsup:
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  9. Sounds like a no brainier to me.
  10. I will hopefully be attending as I wish to park my bus as close to John Moss's boat as possible, and rev the nuts off it for about an hour.....I'm sure he will appreciate the dulcet tones of the flat four...
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  11. Bumping this guys.
    Looking forward to meeting anyone who can make it.:thumbsup:
    The bus won't be there but Mrs Monkey will no doubt run Marge across the 400 meters or so from the boat to the bar;)
  12. Is the T25 Crew Cab (or single cab) ex German Fire services vehicle still around the marina?
  13. Sadly not anymore:(
    It was my work truck but we had one too many engine issues and I stupidly sold it for stupid money. Stupid!
    Mr Fischer the Fire Wagon went north on a trailer and was pimped:eek:
    P3180106.jpg P3180107.jpg P3180110.jpg P3180114.jpg P3180116.jpg P3180111.jpg
  14. :lol: yes that's the one! I didn't realise it was yours, it used to be moored up next to Sharon and Kevin! :D
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  15. LOL aye, that's probably a bit of the oak floor I fitted for them on the truck bed....
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  16. Just putting it out there for anyone who's kicking about tomorrow....
    Weather should be lovely!
  17. Smithy's are combining VW night tonight with Scooter night.
    facebook page here
    Should be a few cool machines kicking about.
    Good to see you there. We'll be taking Goran Syncro over.........:thumbsup:
  18. whats the MO if I can get over. ie what sort of time is appropriate?
  19. whenever you like chap. we were there from about 6.30 last month but peaked early. @The Bobdogs turned up as we were leaving :( so tonight we'll be across from about 7 & pacing ourselves.
    the weather was a bit pants then as well but it's forecast good for tonight :D
    It'll be great to catch up & the bar's open for t, coffee etc all night. I think Adam's offering discount loyalty cards for the bar to all that turn up so drinks cheaper..bonus:rolleyes: Txt me later if you like with e.t.a.
    looking forward to seeing the scooters, a scene that's quite well supported locally so hopefully the bar has promoted well...
  20. The weathers improving...
    It's my birthday tomorrow...
    It's not that far away...
    But I've got a very tight schedule for the rest of the week at work and stuck at home waiting for doc app at 10 isn't helping. :(

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