Vdub at the Pub

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  1. Wondered if anyone is going to this event?, quite fancy it but i'd be flying solo :burp:
  2. I hate it when they don’t put the dates on the Home pages
    had to go through all the pages ending up at book a ticket before I could find the dates
  3. Are you going then matty?, be good to put a face to a name.
    I only knew about this event via the Hayburner mag.
  4. I shall be camping there with some friends. Only just down the road from me. :thumbsup:
  5. Another idea for 'Grumpfest' :thinking:
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  6. Lucky you, it's a 160 miles for me, that why i'm 'dithering' a bit as to go or not.
    Cream crackered o_O, did my first oil change and set tappets on 'the van' today, hassle all the way, also prepped rear end for Bilt Hamper dynax S50 application tomorrow.
    A few snaps below.
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