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  1. If your engine’s a bit worn, you really don’t want to know what your oil pressure is anyway :eek:...
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  2. Yep, that's the o-ring, I just checked my receipt :)

    Here's the taco plate on ebay. I got a black one as it made more sense in terms of radiating the heat, if you go for this option, just ask for whichever colour you prefer.


    The reason I went for this option is... it's exactly what Porche did with the type 4 engine on the 914, good enough for Porche, is good enough for me :thumbsup:
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  3. £32 :eek: That’s why I drilled a hole in the crankcase.

    Although I used the pressure relief valve for a few years.
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  4. Agreed, not cheap, but I just wanted to let @Merlin Cat know what her options were....either way £32 is a relative drop in the ocean compared to the two gauges and the effort to do the wiring.

    PS, if you contact the chap direct, not via ebay, he does a better deal. I have his email somewhere.

    PPS it's not like you're doing this every day, it's once only thing, and it's a very nicely made part.
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  5. .. and buy a set of audi 80 guages ... wait a while and sets of 3 come up on eBay temp pressure and volts .

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  6. Merlin Cat

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    Thanks for all your responses. Now I’m just confused about what to go for! I don’t have any gauges either :) . Am I more concerned about oil temperature or oil pressure? Luckily I have a rev counter (non-working) so have a space for a different one.

    #imactuallyscaredaboutdoingitnow. :eek:
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  7. You can buy a VDO dual kit from the usual suspects that includes twin mounting hardware, or you can drill your dash, like this... WP_20190202_15_53_41_Pro.jpg

    Not jumping the gun here, but I would decide how to mount the guages and how to mount the sensors, then go from there.

    You'd be surprised at the number of options.
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  8. Merlin Cat

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    Ooh, very nice. Do I need both gauges? To be fair I’ve had nothing since I’ve had the van. I’ve already got the Rev counter on the dash next to the speedo so couldn’t I just do a swapsy? Which is most important temp or pressure please? :)
  9. This is just an opinion, but to me, temperature is most important, you already have an oil pressure warning light.

    You can get lots of different mounts that will take a 52mm gauge, but your rev counter hole is likely the bigger size. I think you might be able to get an adaptor.

    I put the Smiths digital rev counter on the right had side of dash pod.

    Very useful :), more accurate than my speedometer.
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  10. Agreed. And a lot easier installing the temp sensor than the pressure sensor.

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
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    My right hand gauge is the Rev counter

  12. Did Ray Charles lace your steering wheel cover up?
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  13. And your steering wheel is in a strange place. It’s on the wrong side.

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  14. @Merlin Cat did you decide on a sender and fit one at TE?

    While my engine is in pieces I'm considering fitting a taco plate, even though I don't have the wiring or gauges yet. Worth doing?
  15. Easier now than later, but you will need to put a sensor in, or a bolt in the hole where the sender goes.
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