VDO Temp gauge

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  1. Thanks for that , top man
  2. Interesting comment thanks :)
    This is what I need to do as stereo is currently on ignition switched feed which I don't therefore use because of the coil...
    So how do you suggest I do it? A single fused positive feed from LB (I like the idea of using trailer wire) and straight to stereo leaving the ignition feed connected? Or would that cause a problem with the ignition feed/car battery? A separate switch on the dash to isolate?
  3. You could take a permanent live from the fusebox and run it through a switch to the switched live on the radio.
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  4. Or...if you're in the mood to change the ignition switch...the later Golf-style ones have an extra contact that goes live for as long as the key's in, so you just turn the ignition off, but leave the key in place and listen to the radio. Take the key out, and the power goes off.
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