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  1. Thanks for that , top man
  2. Interesting comment thanks :)
    This is what I need to do as stereo is currently on ignition switched feed which I don't therefore use because of the coil...
    So how do you suggest I do it? A single fused positive feed from LB (I like the idea of using trailer wire) and straight to stereo leaving the ignition feed connected? Or would that cause a problem with the ignition feed/car battery? A separate switch on the dash to isolate?
  3. You could take a permanent live from the fusebox and run it through a switch to the switched live on the radio.
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  4. Or...if you're in the mood to change the ignition switch...the later Golf-style ones have an extra contact that goes live for as long as the key's in, so you just turn the ignition off, but leave the key in place and listen to the radio. Take the key out, and the power goes off.
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    Is this easy to fit please? I have no oil temp/pressure gauge and am starting to worry that maybe I ought. Tho tbh after I have one I may be more worried!!
  6. Very easy on the type 4, running the wiring is the more involved job.
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    Thanks. Do you need to drain the oil to do it? Would I be able to do it at Techenders, in a field do you think?
  8. Yes, unfortunately removing the taco plate causes all the oil to come out. I used it as an excuse for an oil service :)
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    Blimey! This is going to be my most productive TE’s ever! Where did you buy the necessary parts from please? :)

    Ps are you going to TE’s as I’m nominating you as my mentor as you’ve done it before ;)
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  10. You can fit the sender in the drain plug swap em over fast and you don't loose much oil and the adapter cost less than a new taco plate version.. not as pretty mind!

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  11. I got the taco plate from boatyard busses, paid via PayPal. The gauge and sender from Heritage, I think, but it might have been Machine 7. The sender must fit the plate, could be M12 or M14, I don't recall from memory. You will also need an oring seal for the taco plate, it has a weird name and is available from Heritage.

    Edit the oring might be 021101269A at Heritage. I'll look through my receipts tonight.
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  12. Or you could fit the sender in the oil pressure relief valve; no need to drain the oil. https://www.machine7.com/product.php?xProd=11976
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  13. The copper tag is the meter connection. If you get it wrong it just maxes out the gauge.

    You can shorten the dipstick sender tube .. its just a fibreglass insulated wire inside a plated brass tube. Mine fatigued off so I resoldered the ground tag on the end of it and the centre core to the other tag.
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  14. That looks like what I fitted in the sump plug... keep it closer to where the oil is always moving past.. M14 x1.5 outside M10x1 inside?.. less than £10 off Amazon probably cheaper from a plumbers merchant

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  16. What is the sensor in the dipstick thermocouple/thermistor ?
  17. Thermistor.
  18. @Merlin Cat Sender in the taco plate you’ll definitely need to drain the oil, in the sump plug you’ll lose some, or a lot of oil, pressure relief valve you might lose a few drops – but don’t lose the spring or you won’t be driving home.;)
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  19. Alternatively, you could just forget all about it Alex :thumbsup:
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  20. This^ Just keep drinking like everyone else.:cheers:
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