Vanfest meet up!!!

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  1. 2.00pm at Dogs'n'dubs stall on Saturday!!!

    See you all there!!! ;D
  2. was at dogs n dubs stall early, seen your fire truck but not you :(
  3. Missed the meet up AGAIN (missed Camperjams too) Sorry once I leave my house in Plymouth I am unable to access a computer or phone so miss all the meets. Maybe one day! Had a great time at Vanfest, will post some pictures soon. 8)
  4. Had a terrific weekend, although the meet up was a little thin on the ground to say the least - it was nice to see Marc and Bev (dogs'n'dubs) again and it was nice to meet Crazycaver. Bumped into Hellraise666 on Saturday evening and met Die schnecke who coincidentally is a friend of a German friend that we were having a drink with on Friday evening. We didn't see any other Late bayers that we knew about!!!
  5. Yes you did LMPD! We were there on Sunday and i'm pretty certain we bumped into you at some point ;D
  6. Of course we did, how rude of me to omit your good self, beating myself with a knotted rope as we speak!!! ;D
  7. I should think so too.....with spikes! :p Have you fitted that floor yet? When we got home last night i said to Jenn, there's no way you'll start it when you get back.
  8. I am cracking on now, but yes, yesterday was a mere token effort!!! ::)

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