Van running rough

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Ian Jones, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Got the van out of the garage tonight to go to my old mans to collect the trailer and fill up with fuel as we are off to Dawlish in the morning. It just would not accelerate in any gear at all managed to nurse it to the old mans house checked all the plug leads and redid the static timing all ok then whilst looking at the carb found this

    No wonder it would not run right had a look around could not find the missing disc so found a 1 cent piece that fit the hole and stuck it in with some jb weld. It runs sweet again now but I have taken the carb off the beetle and will take it with me just in case lol.
  2. :eek: :thumbsup:
  3. Should be fine - good fix. Not unknown for the sealing plugs to pop out.
  4. Good job.
    My beetle got the coin fix years ago :)
  5. Well we left at 6 am this morning 3 hours straight here to Dawlish van ran great no overheating only down side is we have had the hottest summer ever and I go away for two weeks and is yellow snowing down lol.
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  6. This could have been caused by the hot weather as things Ali have been getting hotter than normal and expansion is causing things to pop out including fuel pump pins it would appear. Glad you got sorted and good one taking a spare , the shower is laying the dust ,don’t be wanting red hotline last few weeks TIM bit hot fa sleeping in tin buses .havegood hol :thumbsup:
  7. It’s a well known problem on those carbs and the usual fix is a coin and jb weld/araldite
    The other person with the fuel pin coming out of the pump is another common problem
    I highly doubt either of the faults are due to it being a warmer summer than usual.
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  8. Yeh but. I live in the sarf n it been hot hot :D

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