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  1. Hi folks have been with jk insurance for the bus ...well Highway insurance . Last year it was £156 £226 and an agreed valuation of £ 18000
    Anybody know of another that do agreed valuation that might be worth a crack if JK don't come down to a sensible increase .
  2. I'm with Carole Nash,they do agreed valuation

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  3. I use Lancaster Insurance for my Bay and MGB. To get the best deal, change companies each year, that seems to be the way these days. Shop around as they say.
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  4. I was phoning around for Insurance as my quote from caravan and camping club had shot up. Phoned Carol Nash got quote ,told them I was getting a few prices , they had already beaten my c & c quote by about forty pounds, they asked me if I was still going to phone around, when I said yes they then asked me how much I wanted to pay?
    I said oh about a hundred,they came back at one hundred and fifty three,
    Happy days.
    Agreed value and scrap retention.
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    Cherished have treated me okay so far. Not great if you do high mileage but otherwise okay.
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  6. Did they say they charge more for scrap retention ?
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  7. How much do they charge ...i do about 5000 per year average .
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    I pay about £130 I think - 5k is fine as I remember.
  9. Does that include scrap retention Bern .
  10. bernjb56

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    I have no idea tbh. I had the pickup and the camper on one policy - can't remember too much detail but they are reasonable folk to talk to.
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  11. @Faust
    Not that I can remember.
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  12. I found 2gether good including fixed value but I think was £150ish+ for 5000 miles

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  13. We have both buses insured with RH Insurance, 5000 miles on Gusbus, 3000 miles on Major. I think both are on agreed value (the paperwork is packed ready to move) at £15k each.
    Policy cost is around £350.00
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  14. The agreed milage policy's will kill me unless it's 50,000 a year ,maybe I only do a 1000 ,but i want that choice...:D


    changing policys every year works in England ,but here we stick to one insurance company...:hattip:
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  15. Have stayed with Cherished again this year as phoning Carol Nash came out the same. ie Mature driver, 2.0 left hand camper and a 1975 mg midget, both agreed values two drivers etc £235. Nb they give a 10% discount for members of this site!
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  16. RH £135 fully comp including rust.
  17. Dubs

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    I always use RH for classics, very easy to talk to, great value, and best of all, they don't hike the price up in the second year or auto renew. :thumbsup:
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  18. disconnect the speedometer cable ;)
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  19. Carole Nash also gives 90 days European cover and European breakdown cover!
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  20. I'm with footman James, always seemed reasonable :thumbsup: £165. 5000 miles European cover and agreed value
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