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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moons, Apr 23, 2019.

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    Any recommendations for a BBQ mobile enough so it can be taken in the van and maybe used occasionally at home?

    Assume it needs to be raised so not to damage a pitch, if allowed on site.

    Charcoal fuelled I assume is best?
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  3. 66EF0DC9-8B6F-4ABD-8E90-A75C74E985CC.jpeg

    Never used at home but used many a time in the van. Folds totally flat. Stored above engine under the cushion.
  4. You can often find the exact same one(but under a different brand name) in Lidl for about £12:thumbsup: had one for a few years, they are excellent and take up very little room when folded.
  5. We have one of those
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  6. Have used the folding grill at home and on the beach, but not with the van... think it might be a bit pongy tho.

    We use a lotus grill now. Not the best for space but very clean and easy to pack back in its container
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    I've got one like this, but paid about 20Euro in Belgium for it whilst on holiday last year. So far I've found it to be pretty good. Sits a little higher off the ground but still packs up relatively small.

    If you go for a 'notebook' type one, make sure it has a decent size 'flap' at each end to block the air rushing through the coals too quick. I had one many years ago that had insufficient air flow metering....used to burn through the coal in minutes, but dinner never took long! HA!
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  10. CADAC safari chef if you want to go down the gas route . Great bit of kit and ready to cook with in a few minutes. I just use the spare gas bottle , bit of a bugger to clean but does what it says on the tin ...

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    We have a Weber Q100, love it.
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  12. You must be forgetting to fill the fat tray with a bit of water before you start cooking
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  13. Had one of these for a few years good bit of kit use it at home too
  14. Can't beat a Weber, or at least i couldn't till i bought my big green egg, not very van friendly though at 100kgs :eek:
  15. A Cobb to go with the Waitrose quinoa.

    Excellent machine stainless steel and hot.. I bake scones in it at Techenders.
    And one can use it on a wooden table with zero risk of charcoal falling out as there are several insulating air gaps between charcoal and table, and the charcoal is enclosed and there is a metal base
    You can touch the base while it is cooking.
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    Me next door neighbours got the green egg,, its a bit special
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  17. Cadac gas , folds up to large handbag for carrying all bits . Can cook from full english to pizza and roast . Griddle pancakes t bone steaks and Yorkshire puds . The world is your oysters :thumbsup:
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  18. Cobb bbqs are apparently good never tried though

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