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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by PIE, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. PIE


    I need to put a 90 degree bend in a car aerial, is it possible, the radius does not have to be that tight.
  2. Wouldn't have thought a chrome one would bend even slightly....there hollow a made of cheap material.
  3. There are some oiks in the street that will do it for you for nothing!
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  4. Fully extended and gently gently with a brake pipe bender perhaps... how come you need to?
  5. PIE


    Bugger, I might try and find a roof mount one thats a solid wire
  6. If it's telescopic, it'll break!
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  7. They will not bend if they are a telescopic metal tube type . You would need to make something that you fix the aerial to ..
    Other idea would be to drill and shape a nylon block to fix the aerial to, and then connect a coax inner to the bottom of the aerial inside the block. Use another one a bit further up as a standoff to avoid torque from the aerial twisting it round at the base.

    Or just get an aerial that uses 2 standoffs from the body panel.

    Or nick an active aerial off a BMW or similar. Low profile sharks fin on the roof..
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  8. PIE


    I have a 57 split with safaris, I want to mount one central between the air vents under the peak, between the safaris and then bend it straight up
  9. Day

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    As a side aerial 'whistles' when driving along 'fast'.
  10. Drill a hole in the roof and put a bee-sting on :thumbsup:
  11. Does it whistle anything in particular? Does it do requests?
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  12. PIE


  13. So does mine,......I thought it was just me......I find a piece of 15mm pipe insulation solves the problem.
  14. Day

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    Where do you put the 15mm pipe insulation?
    (Around the whole length)
  15. This might help
  16. Assuming that you have one with two mounting points that fit on the front panel by a headlight, then just a piece between the two mounting points.
  17. Merlin Cat

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    Can’t you put a whiplash aerial? Find an old Cortina in a scrappy and see if they have still got theirs :)
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  18. @Day ...see attached photo.


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  19. I was going to suggest that :)
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  20. Betty’s son used to work in high end aerials ,could you not fit an on glass one ?

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